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  1. I guess from my hometown in Holland (small town near Amsterdam called volendam) there are around 200 people going to the concert tomorrow. And to Nijmegen even more. Full of GNR fans. For me its gonna be the 3th gig of this tour after san diego and Dubai. It's Gonna be epic again
  2. A friend of mine wants to buy the ticket. If you still have offcourse. You can text me at my phonenumber and we'll work it out. 0652301648 ??
  3. Hello. Couple of years a found an interview with duff but cant find it anymore ever since. it was from an episode at TMS were duff was talking About his loaded album and the song cocaïne and they showed him a interview from back in 93/94 for mtv. Something like an MTV cribs kind of interview. In his house in Seattle and He was totally waisted. anyone knows what im talking about and knows were I can watch it again or can upload it. thanks
  4. 03/03/17 - Dubai, AE - Autism Rocks Arena

    You have a point????✌? Btw. Great picture
  5. 03/03/17 - Dubai, AE - Autism Rocks Arena

    Wowwww. Once again. What a concert and what a band. Through the roof ???? Aint gonna get in to details but those arabs shouldnt be aloud the organize such a concert. What a fucking hell to get there let alone to get back. We were back at the hotel at 3.30. ??
  6. 03/03/17 - Dubai, AE - Autism Rocks Arena

    Im heading around 18.30 to the venue. Wished I could go earlier but since my wife is pregnant she doesnt want to stand to long. Killing time right now ?? ready for another phenomial rock show ????
  7. 03/03/17 - Dubai, AE - Autism Rocks Arena

    Are they serving alcohol at the venue??
  8. Strange that there is footage of nearly every show all over the world and in the country that runs on digital stuff there isnt any fan who filmed something of the 3 shows. Would love to see locomotive.
  9. 03/03/17 - Dubai, AE - Autism Rocks Arena

    Just bought my tickets. Im on holiday with my wife in Dubai next week and yesterday i realised the gunners were playing there. So after San diego this is gonna be the second time i See m this tour. ??????Fucking excited