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  1. I know that he still sang the YRMW chorus and I also know that he always adlibbed. But the main vocals were the adlibs instead of the main chorus which kind of bothers me, because to me it feels like instead of going with the flow of the chorus he's just there, waiting to deliver his lines. If you get what I mean. "One More Chance" has the same problem, where the main vocals in the chorus are Michael's "One more ..." instead of the main chorus. Imagine if TWYMMF had something like that, it wouldn't be such a good song that goes with the flow so well. To me, although I really like them, it's what keeps those songs from being on the same level as previous hits.
  2. I'm a bit torn apart. "Don't Shut Me Down" and "I Still Have Faith In You" were really strong songs - but no other song on the album can compete with them. "When You Danced With Me" and "Keep an Eye on Dan" are also bangers, I like them. "Just a Notion" is such a bummer. I love the instrumentals, but the repetitive lyrics kind of ruin it for me. (That's why I hate "Xanadu" by Olivia Newton-John with a passion) "Ode to Freedom" is a nice finale.
  3. One thing that I've always found weird was how Michael stopped singing choruses on (and after) "Invincible". I mean he still sang them, but the "main vocals" were the ad libs and many choruses were sang by background singers while he just ad libbed over them. That would have made live performances of those songs harder and a bit awkward. "You Rock My World" from MSG is the best example. Instead of singing the main chorus of "You rock my world / you know you did ..." he stayed true to the original and just quietly sang "You rock my wooorld ... you rock my woooorld ..." into the microphone. I don't know if it's just me but I want to hear the singer sing the chorus and sing along to it instead of him doing his own little thing. It makes the chorus so much stronger.
  4. @Mendez @RussTCB @lilacmess If you never have, you need to listen to the 2010 version, IMHO it blows them both out of the water. It was supposed to be on the "Michael" album, but I they decided against it. They put a similiar song called "Another Day" on it (which is also fantastic), so I guess that was the reason for leaving it off.
  5. Your wish is my comand, although this is hard. Really hard. 1. Bad 2. Man in the Mirror 3. Smooth Criminal 4. The Way You Make Me Feel 5. Another Part of Me 6. I Just Can't Stop Loving You 7. Liberian Girl 8. Dirty Diana 9. Leave Me Alone 10. Speed Demon 11. Just Good Friends Let me add that the first 9 are really tough to rate. I really love them all. 10 and 11 are among my least favorite MJ songs, so they weren't that hard. But I still like them. It's such a brilliant song. Would be Top 3 from this album. Amazing that it evolved into "Dangerous", which I also love. Also, everyone who hasn't already should give a listen to "Fly Away". This and "Streetwalker" would have made this fantastic album even better.
  6. I'd also like to have something we haven't heard, but how likely is that? I love Hard Skewl, it's a great and fun song, but it's obviously not on the same level as WTTJ or You Could Be Mine and more of a Think About You kind of song. Songs like that get boring pretty fast. I'd rather have something that has a bit of an edge, like "Perhaps", than a previously unheard rocker that's once again on the same level as Hard Skewl or Think About You. I'm actually rarely here anymore, because of what you just wrote and what I just quoted above. This forum can be really toxic and people tend to shit all over other people's opinions and insult them instead of discussing them. It's a real turn off.
  7. I just listened to "Perhaps" for the first time since the original leaks and oh boy, I forgot how much I loved it. I hope it's the next single, but they should reconsider the instrumentals. First of all they need to be bigger, louder. The chorus is fantastic and it should have big background instruments. Second of all, I think they should seperate the verses and the chorus a bit more. But so far, the reworked versions of Absurd and Hard Skewl haven't disappointed, so they'll probably deliver once again. Now all we have to do is wait ...
  8. What a horrible accident. I feel for those involved. I doubt that he just randomly shot at those people for fun. Baldwin, even though he had his darker moments, seems like a good dude. Can't imagine he'd just point a gun at people and pull the trigger "for fun". While I don't know anything at all about what happened, my guess is that it was for a camera shot where the camera is right in front of the gun.
  9. I hope we get a new album soon, I mean it's the next logical step for this down time they have now. But this is GNR, so there goes the logic ... I really don't think we'll get more music soon.
  10. God do I hope that Axl wears that on stage tonight.
  11. Hard Skool is the perfect opening song for the next leg. Would love that.
  12. Hard Skool was like a Dustin Bones recording. Full Mickey and Duff yelling "HARD SKOOL!!!" in the chorus.
  13. I still love the song. If we compare it to other older bands newer songs, it holds up really well. I'd say it's on the same level as most of AC/DC's "Power Up", which is good because I love that album, a bit better than Foreigner's "Can't Slow Down" (song), which I also really like and it's much better than "The Dirt". I just hope that the following songs, if there are any, have finished vocals and have been reworked. Out of the ones that were leaked, Hard Skewl was the only one that sounded like it had finished vocals. I really wouldn't want Atlas with the vocals and arrangements we got on the leak, it just didn't feel complete.
  15. 1 hour and 44 minutes to go for me. I'm really interested in the announcement. I have no idea what it will be. Will they say "more to come", will Axl say that at tonights show? Okay they'll probably say nothing other than "Here it is!" but still...
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