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  1. One of the biggest rock stations here in Germany just called it "unbelievable" how The Offspring could go 9 years without a new album. "Can you imagine that?!" Yes, yes I can.
  2. Meghan Markle is considering a presidential run, if Biden chooses not to run again. I am not an American. But what the hell is it with celebs getting in to politics? It doesn't matter if you're Kanye, The Rock, it doesn't matter if you're a Republican or a Democrat. Just stay the fuck away from it. Feel free to voice your opinion but don't run for president. If that woman decides to run and becomes the nominee against some Republican (not Trump or any of his minions), here's one German supporting a Republican for the first time. Although I can't vote, so my opinion is worthless.
  3. Taylor Swift is re-recording all of her old albums. Axl Rose can't even re-record a 35 year old song. (SOYL) Oh, Axl. What could have been...
  4. I've been away from GNR for about 2 years now and I honestly don't plan on coming back full-time until they release something new. They're still my favorite, but nah. Enough of this catalogue. That being said, I feel the only way they can redeem themselves and make up for the past 30 years is another double-album. Release it the day UYI turns 30. Sounds shitty, like they owe me/us something, but I don't know. 30 new songs, exactly 30 years after UYI. I'd be in 7th Heaven - and I don't mean that show about the preaching family. Like, I want to feel this band again. The way I felt
  5. Congrats Americans, on finally having a good, humble and empathic duo in the White House again.
  6. I've been away from GNR for quite some time but I just listened back to Axl/DC and also Rock the Rock. Just wanted to tell you guys how much I hate this band. Axl sounds amazing on both. The reunion happened 5 years ago and we still have no album, not even a song. Yeah they soundchecked Hard School but I'm not buying the "waiting until Covid is over" argument. Axl will be 60 soon and he could be the highest riding old school singer in terms of public reception, up there with Brian Johnson and Mick Jagger. But he just doesn't do shit. It makes me really mad. Sorry for the rant, it's j
  7. Even after nearly a month, with the release hype disappearing, this album is still great. Money Shot is such a banger. It's honestly become one of my favorite songs of theirs. Nothing gets me pumped more than that song full blast and Brian going "WHAT'S THE ANTIDOTE?". It's like I'm getting injected with adrenalin
  8. Time to add my opinion on the album. It's fantastic. In my opinion probably their best album since Ballbreaker. I re-listened to Black Ice and Rock or Bust and I much prefer Power Up. Black Ice was only strong because of the title track, which is one of their best songs overall and has one of the meanest guitar riffs out there. Also Rock N Roll Train (my absolute favorite AC/DC song), War Machine and Rock N Roll Dream. Hate to say it, but the rest was forgettable. With RoB they said they tried to get back to the bluesy roots, if I remember correctly. My favorite song off that al
  9. On every pro-shot there is of NITL, the band sounds absolutely shit. Not only Axl. It all sounds really clumsy and not well mixed.
  10. Guys, talked to my grandma today and although we didn't talk about GNR, in fact she has no idea what that even is, I could feel from her energy that the album is almost finished and ready to be released in September! All aboard the hype traaaain!!!
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