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  1. Time to add my opinion on the album. It's fantastic. In my opinion probably their best album since Ballbreaker. I re-listened to Black Ice and Rock or Bust and I much prefer Power Up. Black Ice was only strong because of the title track, which is one of their best songs overall and has one of the meanest guitar riffs out there. Also Rock N Roll Train (my absolute favorite AC/DC song), War Machine and Rock N Roll Dream. Hate to say it, but the rest was forgettable. With RoB they said they tried to get back to the bluesy roots, if I remember correctly. My favorite song off that al
  2. On every pro-shot there is of NITL, the band sounds absolutely shit. Not only Axl. It all sounds really clumsy and not well mixed.
  3. DecisionDesk called PA and the presidency for Biden. Congrats!
  4. How can anyone, let alone a PRESIDENT be so stupid? "Stop the count!" in those where he loses. "Keep counting!" where he wins. His reaction to everything is like he's playing Monopoly, buying the cheapest street and declaring himself the winner after the first round because "I've got more money than you now!".
  5. Biden wins Michigan according to CNN.
  6. Is there any doubt that Trump is going to run again in '24?
  7. Now, I'm not from the U.S. but I would without a doubt be voting blue. Probably always. Joe Biden seems like a great dude and candidate. While there are some republicans I can respect, I just don't see myself ever voting in that direction. That being said, there's just something about Kamala Harris. Not her race, not her gender. She just gives me major school principal vibes. I wouldn't call her unsympathetic, but she's also far away from being likeable. And that's coming from someone who genuinely likes Hillary Clinton. But who knows? Maybe my opinion on her will change over the years or
  8. I feel terrible for Melania Trump. All the poor thing wanted was a sugar daddy, now she has to make speeches and even worse, stay with that maggot until his presidency ends.
  9. As an outsider there is one thing that I really don't get with U.S. politics. How come that all of a sudden everybody is a "rapist"? Not saying these claims shouldn't be taken seriously, it just all seems so, well, you know the story of the boy who cried wolf?
  10. Guys, talked to my grandma today and although we didn't talk about GNR, in fact she has no idea what that even is, I could feel from her energy that the album is almost finished and ready to be released in September! All aboard the hype traaaain!!!
  11. Everything Fergie does is shit. That woman could sing "Happy Birthday" and it'd be absolute shit.
  12. That fucking woman. Because fuck Axl being happy, make it all about yourself you stupid cnut.
  13. Used to Love Her. While I don't think it's overrated, it's just pure shit.
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