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  1. I'd also like to have something we haven't heard, but how likely is that? I love Hard Skewl, it's a great and fun song, but it's obviously not on the same level as WTTJ or You Could Be Mine and more of a Think About You kind of song. Songs like that get boring pretty fast. I'd rather have something that has a bit of an edge, like "Perhaps", than a previously unheard rocker that's once again on the same level as Hard Skewl or Think About You. I'm actually rarely here anymore, because of what you just wrote and what I just quoted above. This forum can be really toxic and people tend to shit all over other people's opinions and insult them instead of discussing them. It's a real turn off.
  2. I just listened to "Perhaps" for the first time since the original leaks and oh boy, I forgot how much I loved it. I hope it's the next single, but they should reconsider the instrumentals. First of all they need to be bigger, louder. The chorus is fantastic and it should have big background instruments. Second of all, I think they should seperate the verses and the chorus a bit more. But so far, the reworked versions of Absurd and Hard Skewl haven't disappointed, so they'll probably deliver once again. Now all we have to do is wait ...
  3. What a horrible accident. I feel for those involved. I doubt that he just randomly shot at those people for fun. Baldwin, even though he had his darker moments, seems like a good dude. Can't imagine he'd just point a gun at people and pull the trigger "for fun". While I don't know anything at all about what happened, my guess is that it was for a camera shot where the camera is right in front of the gun.
  4. I hope we get a new album soon, I mean it's the next logical step for this down time they have now. But this is GNR, so there goes the logic ... I really don't think we'll get more music soon.
  5. God do I hope that Axl wears that on stage tonight.
  6. Hard Skool is the perfect opening song for the next leg. Would love that.
  7. Hard Skool was like a Dustin Bones recording. Full Mickey and Duff yelling "HARD SKOOL!!!" in the chorus.
  8. I still love the song. If we compare it to other older bands newer songs, it holds up really well. I'd say it's on the same level as most of AC/DC's "Power Up", which is good because I love that album, a bit better than Foreigner's "Can't Slow Down" (song), which I also really like and it's much better than "The Dirt". I just hope that the following songs, if there are any, have finished vocals and have been reworked. Out of the ones that were leaked, Hard Skewl was the only one that sounded like it had finished vocals. I really wouldn't want Atlas with the vocals and arrangements we got on the leak, it just didn't feel complete.
  10. 1 hour and 44 minutes to go for me. I'm really interested in the announcement. I have no idea what it will be. Will they say "more to come", will Axl say that at tonights show? Okay they'll probably say nothing other than "Here it is!" but still...
  11. The best thing about Hard Skewl being "out of the way" is ... we have absolutely no idea what's next. If they're planning on releasing an album, they will probably release another single. Most of the leaks didn't have finished vocals. So there's a very good chance that we haven't heard the next song in it's near-finished form before.
  12. 3 hours and 50 minutes to go for me. That spot where the slow part ends, the drums ... really digging it. It's my favorite part.
  13. This rocks, I love the new intro. Finally something I can show people without being too embarassed. So what about the vocals? Are they the same as on the leak?
  14. To be fair, when I try to pronounce his last name it's also just "Frrrrrr".
  15. They need at least 10 shows before that for it to sound decent. Rock in Rio is cursed, it always brings out the worst in every band and I can't tell you why. Also, the stream sound quality always sucks.
  16. "Yeah, we we're going to release it in 2020 but, you know Covid happened and then in 2021, you know how things go, nobody really knows how to release music in this digital day and age and we tried to explain it to Axl, so that was another full year gone and we're still not sure he fully understands it. Thank god we still had Silkworms ready to go from 2001, so all we had to do was press the "RELEASE"-button on that one and as you know the fans and critics loved it. Then in 2022 we were all set to throw it out there, but then suddenly Axl's sleeve rolled down that one time while he was washing his hands so we decided it would be best to delay it even further back so the GNR fam could get the full Hard Skewl experience in 2023." - Fernando on "Hard Skewl", March '23 (probably)
  17. RIR is cursed. Those pro-shots always have incredibly shitty sound-quality, doesn't matter what band it is.
  18. Well he was supposed to do that HBO special in 1995 which was cancelled because he collapsed during the rehearsals. Wouldn't have been acoustic or anything, but certainly intimate since I believe it was taking place in a theatre. Songs like Childhood and Smile were rehearsed, also Bad and Billie Jean with a completely new choreography which we ultimately never got to see. With MJ I always feel like there could have been "more". He did his tours and some award shows, but other than that he never did anything out of the ordinary. Even his setlists for every tour followed the same order, with similar songs replacing each other from tour to tour. I wish he would have changed things up a bit here and there, but he was too much of a perfectionist to be like "You know what guys, it's not on the setlist but I want to do 'Pretty Young Thing' tonight." So many things were cancelled or he just didn't pull through with it. The Royal Brunei concert in '96 was supposed to be a mix of the Bad and Dangerous tours, I think there's even a setlist out there somewhere - in the end he just did the regular Dangerous setlist with two new songs added. "State of Shock" was on the alternate setlist for the HIStory tour and also was rehearsed for This Is It - however he likely would have never performed it in the end even if he got to do the shows. There was also a Millenium concert planned in 1999/2000 which never happened.
  19. We all can see from the recent gigs that this is indeed the case. So yay. Of course that's the case, I mean after all he is a comedy enthusiast.
  20. Honestly, I love this. Axl's voice is rough to say the least, but he seems so happy, healthy and energetic. The way he runs around on stage, just taking it all in - haven't seen that in the past 5 years. Makes me happy, it's infectious.
  21. Quick, somebody ask her how much rasp he was using when he said "soon" and how does it compare to video recordings? And if he was cracking as many jokes in private as on stage? I NEED ANSWERS GODDAMMIT.
  22. I'd really like "You Are My Life" if it wasn't for that coat hanger sound inbetween. You know, when you go shopping and you push those metal coat hangers aside ... that's what it reminds me of. And speaking of MJ and Slash: some "This Is It" notes mentioned Slash being a guest for some shows. Michael wanted to have him on Dirty Diana. Just imagine that.
  23. I agree, same here. Michael was somebody that everybody has an opinion on, whether you know alot about him or have just seen a picture of him. Most people attack him on his looks, his behavior or the allegations and I'm glad this isn't the case here - and I'm also glad that there's more MJ fans here than I expected So thank you, @lilacmess for uniting us
  24. I don't mind "2000 Watts". If we're talking Invincible, I have a much bigger problem with the length of some songs. "Heartbreaker" is ruined by it's length, I mean the song itself is fine but it's around 2 minutes too long which makes me not want to listen to it. "Unbreakable" is a personal top 10 MJ track for me, but it also could have very well ended around the 4:45 minute mark. My favorite lesser known songs have to be "2 Bad" and "We've Had Enough" and I agree, "Is It Scary" and "Ghosts" are fantastic. EDIT: I've always been wondering: Am I the only one thinking "Unbreakable" and "Invincible" sound incredibly similar?
  25. If I remember correctly and if you can find a non-edited version of it on YouTube, he actually sang most of it live during this rehearsal. It's one of the few songs that hasn't been dubbed-over, so it's actually mostly his live vocals which is amazing - he never sang the song live in concert and to see him do it at 50 plus do the whole dance routine. It's this performance that always amazes me how, well, he still had it. The choreo is on point. He didn't give it his all but what he gave was already enough he was still sharper than the background dancers. I too am divided about it. His shape is shocking, he was so fragile. The movie makes me a bit sad, because one thing about Michael's death is: it really did not have to happen. Out of every scenario of what could have happened on June 25th, 99% of them would result in him still being with us. He had a doctor, if that guy would have been even remotely competent, even if only with re-animating him he would have lasted a lot longer than he did. He could have been saved. I still don't understand it and I don't know how to explain it. Like, for example, Elvis: IIRC Elvis died alone and was found when he was already gone. Nobody could have helped him because nobody knew about it. Michael wasn't alone and he wasn't gone, I think in 9 out of 10 scenarios he could have survived this, if you get what I mean. But back to "This Is It", I loved seeing his vision for the shows. It would have been nothing less than epic. I always feel shitty and selfish saying this, but I just wish he could have at least done one show. Just to see what he wanted to create for the fans and for his children. Oh and by the way, I don't watch the movie at all because it makes me sad and angry, but I do watch clips of it. I haven't seen it in its entirety since probably 2012.
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