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  1. Really? You never heard the synth in Paradise City?
  2. Her background vocals are everywhere in the live set, especially the Chinese Democracy songs
  3. And the casual MTV viewer paid attention to the lyrics and their meanings?
  4. The same thing can be said about every single elected official. If you think they give a fuck about you I have a bridge for sale.
  5. People calling Trump a racist yet Axl penned the lyrics to one in a million, oh the irony. You don't think the dolphin video is anything like don't wanna miss a thing? Double standards are typical these days
  6. Zack Wylde's 1st solo band Pride and Glory is a good example of a southern rock band from that time period.
  7. There was no red flags yet, he bailed long before there was any drama in the band. Those came after the 1st album and tour cycle.
  8. Yeah, that happens when you have 5 personalities in a band. And yet everyone is clamoring for Izzy to rejoin guns?
  9. New slash album - purely due to contractual requirements?

    Wrong wrong wrong, slash has paid for every solo album he's done and is his own record company.
  10. Please, Izzy bailed on Guns right before a stadium tour for the illusions, bailed on VR once they decided to go with Scott, bailed on a nitl appearance and bailed a few times on guest appearances with both guns and VR. To say he's reliable on a multi year stadium tour is just naive wishful thinking.
  11. They wrote an album's worth of material as the project, and Izzy bailed like a bitch once they decided to go with Scott as he singer
  12. The problem with Izzy is he's prone to bail without a moment's notice and there's too much money on the line. And I don't think they think Adler could hold up for 3 hours a night given his health issues.
  13. They seem to be doing fine keeping everything low key without revealing what their plans are.