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  1. Soundboards for Slither and Shadow of Your Love?

  2. Is this going to sound better than the previous IEM matrix mixes?
  3. Here was me thinking it’s video 😂
  4. Now that is something I’d like in my collection. Do you have that in dvd format that you could upload at all?
  5. Pay to go and look for something that might not even be there? Even if it is there the audio is still going to be a bad bass heavy mix. I’d skip that mate.
  6. If the sound quality is better with slash in the mix this would have to be something everyone would be up for
  7. The guy who is leaking the videos is trying to trade it for something else and won’t release the whole thing. I offered him something and he didn’t even reply when I said what I had. I don’t think he realises it’s weeks away from a release anyway from other people.
  8. Does anyone know where I can get the Rocky litho / t shirt?
  9. Not in this lifetime tour items

    I think postage tracked will be about $20 mate. Can do $70 if you like though. I’m happy to put it on eBay and maybe it will be cheaper through the global shipping program?
  10. Not in this lifetime tour items

    Shirt is still available and also have this rare one to
  11. Chicago 92

    The image quality for these is outstanding. Do you have the whole show with original sound in this quality?
  12. Not in this lifetime tour items

    Don’t have one of them but will accept $75 plus shipping for mine.
  13. Chicago 92

    Thanks mate. Downloading it now. There was was a few clips I’ve seen. The guy that is re doing all the gigs in 60fps has some amazing looking footage too. Wish he would release all that!