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  1. https://player.fm/series/rolling-stone-music-now-170040/duff-mckagan-the-rolling-stone-interview Reads books... travels... the civil war... Anne Frank's house.... Stones as setting the benchmark for older touring rock bands. Axl apparently busts his ass with the vocal warm-ups and cool-downs. Lots of anecdotes about Tenderness recording, inspirations... #MeToo, Parkland. He doubles down on the It's So Easy as tounge-in-cheek... different cultural context than today (Sunset in the 80's as an empowered free love kind of thing?). A piss take on everything going the band's way when they were nobodies. One in a Million as a character story; leaving it off the box set. #WokeAxl GNR as not right wing / left wing, political. Captain America's been torn apart... Farts. Steve Jones as major inspiration. Scott Weiland / Prince / Cornell as inspiration for Feel. Depression struggles. Positive perspective gained from addiction experiences and close calls. "We're in extra innings." Izzy! "I don't have a take.... it wasn't from not trying." "Touring is not for everybody." Host: "He said it came down to money." "Duff: Yeah. I don't even know. I love the guy." "Maybe some other time." His reuniting with Axl anecdote in 2010. "Are you guys sort of hired guns of Axl's or in a band?" "We're in the band." "New music would be wonderful." "Doesn't feel like a finite thing." "Nobody needs to know our business, we got into trouble in the past with that." DUFF MCKAGAN On IZZY STRADLIN's Non-Involvement In GUNS N' ROSES Reunion: 'Maybe Some Other Time' http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/duff-mckagan-on-izzy-stradlins-non-involvement-in-guns-n-roses-reunion-maybe-some-other-time/?fbclid=IwAR3arDJ_0-b4ubARng8XhHPwudKLWlMkoW3XdF0GcZ09lQrhGZ9a-KmVgtw I liked it better than the WTF interview; it felt a little more substantial as the host knows more about the band and it's history (is a fan too, I believe). Guarded as ever about the internal machinations but so it goes!
  2. Steven comes out: Frank comes back: /snip
  3. Haha... I love the twitter comments: TRUCKS BABY.
  4. Yeah dude -- Blabbermouth just decided to write up the Rolling Stone podcast interview. This thread is a month old .
  5. If GNR today came out with something as simple as Train Tracks , with Axl and Izzy sharing vocals and Slash tearing up the slide, it'd be received like the second coming. Play it after Nightrain and before Locomotive.... we've got a second song trilogy; this one about the glory of trains. See how easy this is.
  6. Izzy didn’t want to tour with a money burning dictator and a bunch of zombies... he didn’t want to deal with finding a lead singer... he didn’t want to play for peanuts. So... god damn... flakey. Like a delicious pie crust.
  7. Not gonna make any 1 rep max gains listening to Izzy. You’ll just wanna lay in some grass.
  8. See, if that's true.... if that is true.... Man...
  9. Yeah seriously. If it's gonna be transportation merch at least give us the fucking Nightrain. I want to see the physical train fully realized.
  10. During VR’s run he was looking jacked... added some pythons to his snake collection.
  11. Rolling Stone Interview Thread Lot of discussion about this interview in there!
  12. Not a lot of bands have a roster where every member has a unique and identifiable musical voice and compelling persona. Really sets GNR apart! I really like The Cult, but it seems like Ceremony just killed any momentum they had coming off Sonic Temple. In the early 90's, if you didn't stick the landing during that huge musical shift, you were toast.
  13. This isn't like the days of old where you have to be sweatin' over a desktop wringing your hands about rasp. Pretty easy to keep a tab open on your phone .
  14. Yeah, I wish we had more insight into what Izzy was offered! I just hope the "Big Three" () really gave him an offer that reflected his true value and, if they didn't, and having cashed in now with their half a billion dollars, are willing to go back to the table to build something even better coming off the NITL tour.
  15. That's my version of articulating the Izzy position as I've discerned it. Again I think it's possible to disagree reasonably, but I don't think it's as cut and dry as you do.
  16. Those points have been refuted; he's ignoring Izzy's rationale for doing so. Izzy is on record saying he doesn't have a problem with touring! It's the structure of the tour / business of the band. I think people are just talking past each-other at this point .
  17. That's why the Stones can still tour. They chop the beat up... syncopation... everyone can dance, man. If people are dancing and grooving maybe we could chill with the obsessions over rasp etc . Replace Charlie Watts and Ronnie (Let alone Mick Taylor!) with Frank and Fortus. Or considering Izzy is a rhythm guitarist and chief songwriter.... Watts and Keith. You think Keith is gonna play with Mick on salary! He'd rather chill in Jamaica.
  18. I think you just have to view it as a totally different mindset and agree to disagree with it. Izzy doesn’t want to be a lower-tier employee in a hierarchical business operation. He doesn’t want to be dictated to -- that's why you form a rock band! If we’re going to be a band going forward, there’s gotta be equality straight across. 5 guys in a band. He brought more than his share to the table in establishing the DNA of the band and it survives today on those contributions. Izzy made a lot of cash selling his stake and missed out on a lot of merchandising/licensing cash or whatever, too... how do we do it going forward. “Hey Izz, yeah, Team Beta will write you cheque, *pat on the head.* Now let’s do Patience!” He feels like he brings and has brought enough to claim equality (us Izzy fans agree), the other three see it as you do, apparently, and that’s where we’re at. He’s constantly being minimized (which financial worth is a part of) and then gaslit as not being up for touring. Nobody is totally right or wrong, I guess is what I’m sayin’. But man, you start down that tortured business logic path and you wonder why bands can't match their initial creative output. Makes me want to start an avocado farm.
  19. It’s just expressing our hopes and dreams for an exceptionally unique and crazy talented group of musicians who have unlimited potential, a notable dearth of material and finite time left to operate. ”Lack of facts”... there’s no lack of facts, my man! Lots of us think all signs point to the optimal scenario performance and creative output wise is rounding out the lineup! Nobody is under any illusion that this is going to impact anything. It’s just fun and interesting to discuss your favorite band’s still-burning embers of potential, hoping that they go out with a bang. If they’re happy with NITL and this it it, great, thanks for the memories! But just like holding out hope for Slash’s return... still gonna holdout a little longer for the stragglers myself .
  20. That’s what Appetite for Democracy 3D is all about. Or I assume it is. I didn’t see it.
  21. Duff stops doing talk radio. Axl has to up his cardio game to fit into his assless chaps. We get the AFD rhythm section back. Slash... starts smoking again? ... well... But that’s looking pretty great on paper.
  22. You’re inferring that they find Adler obnoxious based on your read of his behavior and a few comments. Slash was cancer, Duff was spineless, Axl was insane. People get over stuff, too. Your assertion isn’t any more likely than Axl still hates him for making him appear in court wearing a teal suit and Slash and Duff just want to be able to play baseball stadiums and thus won’t push their luck. We don’t know — but your ragging on him looks bad!
  23. Even VR's Brownstone didn't groove that hard. I gotta take a shower.
  24. Izzy is cool as fuuuuuuuuck.