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  1. this is it That doesn't mean they're not all technically proficient and good singers, either. I love both Snakepit albums, I saw VR and liked them lots... I see SMKC often. But it's always been the vocalists holding Slash back. Singers write lyrics, vocal melodies and are the face of the band. Myles, Rod, Eric... they're not rock stars of the vein that capture mainstream attention. And no band with the most famous member being the guitarist really sustains mass appeal. People wonder why rock is dead but honestly if someone like Harry Styles got a little debauched and had a ban
  2. remember when everyone in River Plate was belting out "sittin in a chinese stew!!"
  3. 20 years ago. It's classic rock. oh boy it's weird watching a band being retro in their time, 20 years later.
  4. Yeah he would. Definitely. Because if it's a hacked up cut and paste job with plug-and-play band members and musical pieces from bygone eras, it'll be released and shrugged off in a week. A giant thud sound will echo through the digital ether and the book of GNR will be slammed closed. And with that awful taste still lingering, people will start to say AFD wasn't even that great.
  5. just seems like more of the same -- horse gossip guns loves the slop
  6. that would actually be awesome he could engage all his self-help, personal development interests... his political bent... his love of music and pull from his career for endless stories and anecdotes with his star power and contacts ensuring endless interesting guests he could do ayahuasca... and listening to music business stories and the creative process of music would be way better than anecdotes about the Comedy Store. he'd really have to let his guard down, though, in a way that might be antithetical to who he actually is. that said, it seemed like he liked having a s
  7. he's an adult he likes to entertain open and shut case.
  8. Candid photo of Blackstar in the GNR study. The work continues.
  9. would a GNR cookbook be worse than Fernando's other ventures? i think it'd be better you've already done several entries... Nightrain braised lamb shanks? Axl likes his pre-show lamb. Mr Browniestone's old-fashioned recipe (don't serve these at thanksgiving!) It's So Over-Easy breakfast hash. Sorum's Secret to a moist turkey -- You Could Be Brined. It writes itself.
  10. nah man he gets it i get it we all get it
  11. i was gonna make a thread... GNR Inspired Meals. maybe i'll hold off
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