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  1. If I'm not mistaken, the House didn't deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate until after the new congress started, with Democrat control. I doubt McConnel would've rushed it through if it was up to him still, though.
  2. Do you think the obese, the drug dependent, and people with STD's, for example, shouldn't be allowed health care as well? Those people also tend to bring illness upon themselves which takes care away from others that also really need it. Also often borne from stupid, selfish behaviors. We have to conform to dummies who don't give a shit in a lot more areas than just covid when it comes to medical treatment. Not to the same levels as covid (with the exception of obesity), but they're still a strain on finite resources, which can be avoided in most cases.
  3. Just listened and really dig it. Thanks again!
  4. Got a link by chance? That's probably a top 5 Zeppelin song for me. Such a strange/eerie composition, but has tons of balls and all the light and shade Jones and Page were famous for.
  5. Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Robin Trower, some late Dio Sabbath stuff, Deep Purple, Nugent, lots of old 50s-70s blues records, SRV, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Chicago. I have his whole LP collection now. Can't remember it all, but those are the heavy hitters in it that come to memory. It's in line with a lot of stuff I still listen to. CD collection is a bunch of Black Crowes, Prince, Jimmy Buffett, Elvis, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Steely Dan, Van Morrison in his CD collection. oh and lots of Journey... My dad used to torture me on car rides listening to Tom Jones. I would complain and complain and he would just crank it louder lol. I never understood how he liked him so much, considering his other music tastes.
  6. I can't say I disagree. Didn't he say it's partly because he gets a dry signal mix in his in-ear monitors now, so he can't hear how his effects are shaping the sound? So now that he doesn't have the benefit of hearing the feedback/FX/etc, he noodles more to compensate or something?
  7. Anyone see Duff's latest Instagram post promoting 2021 dates with the original AFD cross with Izzy and Steven?? I know I'm probably looking into it too much, but a guy can hope lol Edit: Looks like the GnR IG account used the same graphic too... Edit 2; already discussed in its own topic lol. Whoops
  8. First i've ever heard of the Mates rehearsal reading back through this thread. Would love to hear what's on that.
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