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  1. It would have sold well because albums still had a chance, back then and something like a GN'R comeback would have been very big for its time. It would have been reviewed much more divisively and would not have gotten the kind of warm reception that came with eighteen years of anticipation, finally rewarded. It would have actually have been "of it's time" and that would have been both a big plus and a point of derision, for the band.
  2. David Prowse once spoiled the ending to Empire Strikes Back in an interview...two years before the film would even premier....talk about a world before the internet. Second to last paragraph - he drops the dime, very nonchalantly.
  3. I've fallen out of exploring pop princesses since Lorde came on the scene, some years ago. Billie Ellish is definitely the flavor of the minute and the pop artist most critics point at for being legitimate. Does the girl do anything but whisper seductively in her songs? Does she sing, conventionally?
  4. I had a huge problem with how small Batfleck’s ears were. Combined with his broad alcoholic face, it ruined the Batman aesthetic. No soup for you.
  5. I don't know...I had always heard that the band was reluctant to go with Slash as lead guitar player, when he first auditioned. He was undoubtedly, one of the most talented guitar players of the time and place, but it was his personality that the band found "questionable." Axl tells it that people kept recommending Slash to him and his attitude was "nah..." Robert John backs this up, saying back in those days, Slash was a "little creep" and it was his advice not to hire Slash, as he was very much the type of guy who was only in business for himself and wouldn't be there for long. I
  6. Well, he plays aimless solos on Axl's new material - no doubt. It's like he has no sense of what he wants to go for, so he just rips a scale and plays every note of it. Not so great.
  7. He was an unapologetic stoner during the UYI production. You don't really hear about Axl having a taste for bud outside of that period, though.
  8. This news put ants in my pants, awakening the six-year old in me like few things have the ability to. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/micheal-keaton-talks-return-as-batman-flash-movie-1299668 Although it's not a "Batman" movie, per say, the idea that Keaton could return to play the caped crusader has been one that has lingered around for decades. It only makes sense to bring him back as an "old Batman" in a mentor role. Since they've got multiple versions of characters and universes going on, it seems like the perfect time to get Keaton back to put the rubber on. H
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