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  1. This isn’t a “single” because it’s beyond radio airplay. The pure vulgarity of the song goes against commercial marketability. Honestly, if I had to guess, I think Axl sat Slash and Duff down, had them listen to the majority of the Chinese material and asked them which ones they responded to…as out and out “rockers,” it only makes sense to me that they chose a song with a pure rock vibe to it. In other words - I bet Slash and Duff helped select this song because they know that people expect “rockers” from them and not mid-tempo ballads.
  2. I actually really dig this song and always kind of did…the chorus riff is killer. There’s a fair amount of unreleased songs that just flat out disappointed me, including Hard School (was better as a 20 second clip that we ruminated on for years) and Atlas Shrugged (just yuck…poorly written song that never gets off the ground). Silkworms has that kind of pure rock vibe to it that outside of Rhiad and CD (title track), is just missing from this lot of material. On another note, remember back in ‘06 when HisRoyalSweetness crashed Axl’s after party and got him to talk a bit about Silkworms? Apparently, it was his former GF Sasha’s favorite song and Axl’s quote was that Bucket’s solo on that song would “blow us all away.” What an ending this wound up being. Eat my Silkworms!
  3. I was at this show last night…tripping on mushrooms…when Axl giggled and said they were going to try something, I couldn’t have expected it to be Silkworms. It was so cool/wild to see Slash riffing on those electronic beats, but it was even cooler and more gratifying to find out he renamed the song “Absurd.” I made this picture several years ago, when this song leaked and couldn’t be prouder of my own prescience. I was laughing right along with Axl.
  4. It would have sold well because albums still had a chance, back then and something like a GN'R comeback would have been very big for its time. It would have been reviewed much more divisively and would not have gotten the kind of warm reception that came with eighteen years of anticipation, finally rewarded. It would have actually have been "of it's time" and that would have been both a big plus and a point of derision, for the band.
  5. David Prowse once spoiled the ending to Empire Strikes Back in an interview...two years before the film would even premier....talk about a world before the internet. Second to last paragraph - he drops the dime, very nonchalantly.
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