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  1. I think trump will win by only narrowly holding on to the midwest states. Other states he picked up in 2016 will go blue. If he wins would he contest the next election?. I think he would move on citing health reasons.
  2. But its not the 3 years of touring were consistant. In other words all onstage ontime, "hangers on" around axl. But they were blowing through alot of money on curfews, parties etc. Axls major expense probably during those times was his house purchase. As slash said in his book if axl wanted to keep his malibu home the band needed to be making more money, hence the 93 shows. Especially when they did the japan and oz in that early year. GNR management were also keeping the band on the road to probably line their pockets to. Agree with illusions. No other band had released 2 albums on the o
  3. I thought the most valuable commodity was information?.
  4. Love the music from 87 to 93 Never supported nugun lineup Still wear GNR shirts, illusion related to this day Saw them in 2017 and after hearing Estranged i thought if i die now ill be happy. I just dont support or like the current lineup. Get rid of frank and mel. Richards stupid onstage antics attacking the guitar is something cringy ashba would do. Axl has turned into the one thing he swore he never wanted the band to be. That is purely on him and no one else. Im more excited for illusion anniversary as both of those albums were my "go to" back in 91 when
  5. From a record company perspective im sure it will be done right. I just hope axl this time gets onboard and does interviews for the.album this time around. No doubt slash will.
  6. The only fad in music i dont want to hear is the whole drop d tuning trend that occured in the late 90s early 00s.
  7. Yep agree. With SMKC its just a straight ahead hard rock album. Nothing more nothing less. The epics stuff purely for guns. Then again the epic stuff we did have with Guns was right for those times. I hadnt heard the village leaks, so im keen to know if the instrumentals are short in length or long. May give us an idea for the next GNR release..
  8. Hardschool i agree because the songs goes back to the 93 to 96 lineup.
  9. As much as i hoped wouldnt happen but felt SMKC would look to be releasing new music before guns. Once concerts resume i wonder if Guns touring schedule will be the priority around SMKC touring dates or the other way around.
  10. The chemistry within SMKC is more real and obvious than seeing slash go through the motions with GNR.
  11. Im sure axl will know which songs will work. Hell even fall to pieces could have been a GNR song!!. Wou ld have been interesting how that song coukd have worked for GNR.
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