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  1. He was thinner in 06, i can see the weight loss in 06 compared to the early 00s show especially RIR. But 06 he sounded good, he was confident of CD being released that year and was sounding and looking like he had a point to prove.
  2. Easy , in 06 he was thinner and fitter looking than 01. In 2010 he was back in shape, but not 06 thin. The weight really must effect his singing. I think 2012 is when he went into autopilot mode due the lawsuits impacting on him.
  3. GNR will tour oz later this year , as we have a good handle on the Covid situation. Will be interesting if the band are required to take the jab before flying over. Or they do a 2 to 3 week quarantine. Which i doubt will be the bands approach. Here in Australia to answer the OP, this period reminds me of 1990. In Australia there wasnt much information being fed to the music mags i used to collect. The band wernt playing live shows. The only information we were getting was from Geffen that the band were working on the followup to Appetite no release date was known. Even in early 91, there was no confirmed release dates. Geffen were saying July for the release date, but that was just a half guess on their part. How GNR would release the Illusions, either 1 record or 2 was still undecided. It wasnt until we got to about August 91 the release dates and info on how the albums would be released would be known to the public. As a 15 year old in 1990, waiting on the illusion albums felt like an eternity.
  4. Im expecting him to show up at the Sydney, AUS show of which i have a ticket for, fatter than ever. I hope im wrong, as his weight gain didnt look healthy. I hope this is recent photo, and hes feeling better and healthy than ever.
  5. I really dont understand this. Bojo obviously thought he could try and have a dollar each way. Just madness, if he woukd lockdown borders then he can try and contajn community transmission. Hes thinking more about the economy being the priority.
  6. Yep the players arecquarenting at the moment. There has been some players against quarenting and liking it to jail. Then there is novak djovorak with his list of demands that were wanted, which the authorities said no. We have handled it well, Australia being an island country and closing our international borders when we did (except for supply chains) has been our advantage. Coildnt beleive bojo didnt do any of the above.
  7. GNR will be the first major band to tour here should they tour here. Im wondering if there will be any quarentine for the band on their arrival or whether they will be required to get the jab before flying over and prove they have had it, as a means to tour.
  8. I dont think TBC southern music........album would not have sounded good without Marcs contributions had he have joined guns.
  9. i thought that duff and slash would have been able to take a paycut to have izzy on board, especially with the amount of money that the tour has generated.
  10. But it would be more appropriate for GNR to do it. Its interesting that Duff did a few deep cuts that GNR as part of NITL would not do.
  11. Should have been done in 2017, as part of the AFD anniversary. They could have done 2 shows, because thats all Axl would have wanted to do, to be "accomodating' to the fans. Most likely one in NYC andf the other in LA. AFD back to front and maybe some of the stuff on Lies included.
  12. Any crimes that result in life being innocently taken for no conscuencious reason shoukd invole their life been taken . People who do this in my view cannot be mentally rehabilitated. So whats the answer?. Life in prison for say 50,60,70 years?. They cannot be rehabilitated and i certainly would not want my taxes housing and feeding them for their remaining time on earth. My answer is, they should die. Slowly. I think society is more heinous than what it was 50 years ago hence why i think peoples attitude to the death penalty are changing.
  13. GNR were really not that popular around that time. Just lack of interest mainly. Sure people would have been curious but they certainly would not have been populuar compared to the NITL period between say 2016/17.
  14. If this is the case one final tour No covers, including the fortus/shash/WYWH covers. No VR songs No noodling just one song after another. 2 to 2.5 hour show. Axl wont last doing a 3 hour show anymore Forget about YCBM and Coma Axl just cannot consustantly sing them. Focus on the hits and deep cuts but the lower register songs.
  15. Yep. Jagger is almost 80 and can put on a good show, so axl has zero excuses to stay in shape and put on a good performance. If he has given up, or not feeling inspired, thats their issue for chasing the money. The tour should never have gone past 2017 anf they should have had more of a game plan. If they had worked on a new album in early 18, then tour new album, they would have created more demand and have the setlist to only have the classics and new songs. No covers and no 3 hour shows. Considering axls voice i dont know why they kept doing this.
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