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  1. Looks like Meegan's confirmed Slash will be recording with the Conspirators this month on instagram. I can't figure out how to post pictures, but she said so in the comments of the picture wishing Myles a happy birthday. Sorry if someone already mentioned this!
  2. 09/23/17 - Rio de Janeiro, BR - Rock In Rio Festival

    Does anyone know what time Guns will be hitting the stage, EST?
  3. Great PC Performance, Minneapolis

    Fist time I actually think Frank sounds good....
  4. Ultimate Dream Setlist

    1. It's So Easy 2. Mr. Brownstone 3. Welcome to the Jungle 4. You Could Be Mine 5. Don't Cry 6. Think About You 7. Rocket Queen 8. Sweet Child 9. Out ta Get Me 10. November Rain 11. Dust N' Bones 12. 14 Years 13. Nightrain 14. Civil War 15. My Michelle 16. Coma 17. Don't Damn Me 19. Estranged 20. Perfect Crime Encore 21. Patience 22. Knocking of Heavens Door (short version) 23. You're Crazy (electric) 24. Paradise City
  5. ....the most dangerous band in the world. Oh can she please go away
  6. I agree, but they shared it on their biggest or second biggest social media platform, Instagram. It means something. The GN'R team isn't dumb.
  7. Sorry if this was posted already. Does anyone know when Izzy was with Cheap Trick?
  8. How does that video relate to Izzy at all? What do you know!?!?!?!?
  9. This I Love - Finck, Slash or Ashba?

    I think you need a more recent one of Slash. With a lot of the CD stuff, he's seemed to change the solos as the tour has gone on. He kind of had a general idea but improved them a lot.