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  1. Can I add how freaking gorgeous young Axl was? Don’t wanna miss a chance to repeat myself?
  2. Amazing!!! There’s a subdued and yet simultaneously angry woman in young Axl! Exactly. How could I even cope without all of you?!!! TRUE!!!!!
  3. Hi everyone Hope you’re all good. I guess you all have watched this already? You guys posted the trailer earlier. It’s nothing new but I nice compilation of Izzy interviews and talk about him...
  4. Hello all you girls! I’m so glad to see that the WT is back on ball rubbing, manips and Duff being a sleazy businessman. Feels like home hahaha. Even though it’s Matts’s balls that are involved.... ugh ;( Totally missed out on Matt’s book. Not interested to read it anyway. Now that I learn there’s hardly anything on Izzy I never will. Peculiar that Matt and Izzy hung out at one point after/in 2016. They must have re connected after GnR and felt a connection of not being involved in the reunion. Haven’t got anything to participate to the conversation, sorry. Just wanted to s
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