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  1. ok i've recorded a couple of things just gotta wait for the wife to get home so she can help me convert it to the computer n shit haha
  2. Hendrix-Little Miss Lover, Spanish Castle Magic
  3. Yeah i've tried that with other heads before but i can only record on my phone which doesn't get the sounds across at all, particularly at any decent volume you just don't get the nuances of the sound whatsoever.
  4. Lord Of the Rings is more Zepplins deal isn't it?
  5. Yeah obviously selling my Rectifier softened the blow in that regard and the store had a sale on gear, what are they in the UK about 2000 quid i'd imagine?. Not the cheapest but for what they can there's so much variety in tone.
  6. That's the one.
  7. No that's not the one but still a great shot. Axl's out front in the one i'm talking about with the others lurking behind him and the fish eye gives it a really warped psychedelic look, because of the effect his glasses look like massive bug eyes ha.
  8. There's one out there from this shoot thats similar to the bottom one but they are standing more front on and it's through a fish eye, it's probably my favourite shot of the band apart from the one out front of the Hell House with the keg. If anyone finds it post it up.
  9. I am in guitar heaven at this moment in time. I decided to down scale a little and get rid of my Dual Rec and have replaced it with a Mesa Mark 5 25 and my fucking god i loooove it. It has 2 channels, the first has three modes (clean,fat,crunch) and i've found a tone on the clean by pushing the gain which is like a ballsy, bluesy Hendrixy tone and the crunch mode is pure hard rock bliss. The second channel also has 3 modes (MK IIC+,MK IV, Extreme) and the MK Iv is straight up Metallica and my neighbours got a nice rendition of Sad But True this afternoon, the Extreme mode is as vicious as it sounds and i haven't really messed with the MK IIC mode yet. Of course the Mark series is famous for it's graphic EQ so really there is endless possibilities tone wise. It's also multi watt, it has 10 or 25 watts to play around with, 10 watts for the bedroom and 25 for whenever my lazy ass friend who plays the drums is down to jam. I've owned about 5 or 6 heads (Marshall,Orange and Mesa) and this is the best i've ever owned.
  10. To be fair his Les Paul is based off the R9's (59 re-issue) which are pretty much the same price. Insane money for a guitar either way.
  11. Have you listened to much Sabbath Len or just kinda steered clear of them because the "heavy metal " tag?. I think they are more hard rock than anything but had songs in their catalog that were alot heavier than anything that came before. You probably wouldn't get into the heavier albums like Masters of Reality but the Paranoid album for instance has a groove and a swagger to it you might appreciate abit more. I mean if Fairies Wear Boots doesn't get your toes tappin i don't know what will! Bill Wards drum beat at the start of Hand of Doom is almost hip hop in nature.....if you roll a spliff and put on Planet Caravan i'm pretty sure it'll take you places as well.
  12. No i actually haven't watched it, gotta get round to it those boys and their movement is legendary.
  13. YES!, i thought they had two singers too. First time i heard fuck said in a song wit Its So Easy...first time i heard a young lady being pleasured on a song also on Rocket Queen, big moments!
  14. Hearing them for the first time is as vivid a memory as is possible. 7 years old swimming in a mates pool and his older brother blasted Appetite. I heard Slash's ominous intro to WTTJ and i knew something very cool was about to instincts were then proved correct when i was hit with song after song of pure rock n roll swagger. Then i saw them and thought they were an unruly mob of cowboys and pirates and i was sold.
  15. It's not as crazy as it sounds, Sabbath had a bigger influence on creating sub-genres of rock that went on to have astronomical effect on music and generally mentioned in the same breath as The Beatles in regards to influencing rock acts......and i'm specifically talking about rock . Elvis is a performer of rock music not a creator of it, not denying his influence and the way he communicated rock to the masses is probably unmatched, but at the end of the day he's singing other peoples works.