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  1. Ozzys favourite band is the Beatles, Black Sabbath dont sound anything like them though mate they created a whole new sound .Ozzy don't sing like Lennon or Cartny and Iommi sure as hell don't play the guitar like Harrison...they are originals. Kinda like comparing Sugar Hill to Wu Tang.
  2. Popularity- Elvis or Beatles Influence- Black Sabbath
  3. I'm pretty much on your level of thinking, believe what you wanna as long as you dont hurt anyone....or get in my fucking face about it!
  4. Very eloquent, you big handsome bastard Ronald.
  5. Watching a series of docos called Epicly Later'd, basically it's a series about influential skateboarders from the 90's mainly (back when i was skate rat). The part i'm posting is from the Josh Kalis episode but focuses on a skater named Lennie Kirk who he was close friends with. Lennie was a skater i admired who just kinda vanished from the scene after releasing one of the most influential skate video parts of all time, this shows what happened to him and it's a pretty interesting watch even if your not interested in skateboarding.
  6. If Antifa stuck to going toe to toe with white supremacists i'd say all power to them, when they start using stand over tactics and physically attacking anyone who has a different opinion to theirs then that's another story. And they're way too stupid to realize that when they are going around smashing up businesses, smashing up cars and beating up people on their way to work they are likely to turn someone who might be indifferent into some far right nutter. Fuck them.
  7. BAH!, you got in before me.