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  1. Hey the guy who wrote it says it's inspired by a dominatrix, in any case it's not sexist....sexually explicit but not sexist. I'd say the same about Anything Goes.
  2. Don't see why thats a sexist song, its lyrics refer to a dominatrix.
  3. Axl's Magnum Opus

    It would have to be either Estranged or November Rain composition wise. I think he reached his lyrical peak on tracks like Perfect Crime, Locomotive, Breakdown, Coma, Garden of Eden. So i think UYI is his peak as a musician.
  4. Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

    Well yeah, Ems not really "that guy", hence people like Royce and that doing the threats. I still gotta give MGK( do not know a fuckn song of his)credit he had some slick lines i thought
  5. That sucks that band did that, i can see that's the way things are going. Bands will overthink their lyrics..."oh what will people think, what will i think oft these lyrics when i'm 50!"
  6. I find it hard to hate on Fortus especially when i see him talking about guitar you can see his passion. Slash is trippin though if he things Fortus brings out the best in him, i think Slash is in his own world up there regardless of who's on the other side of the stage. Even with Izzy it was a beautiful accident they both just did their own thing.
  7. Watching the series about Boca Juniors on Netflix, having to look at Tevez's head for so long is quite taxing.
  8. End of the day most rock n roll is created by young men who are releasing their emotions in a loud and aggressive way. Some of that anger is misdirected and some it is very pointed, whatever it is i ain't listening to it if it isn't honest and from the heart.
  9. Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

    Ghostface showed how it's done when it comes to schooling someone who's not on your level.
  10. Seeing they told Paul Stanley to fuck off when he made some suggestions about changing their songs i highly doubt it.
  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    So i picked my son up from afterschool care and he greets me with one of those stick on googly eyes on his forehead and says " I'm the Illuminati "....i don't know kids these days.
  12. The Boxing Thread

    I think you gotta give Canelo credit on how adaptable he is, he obviously learned alot from the first fight. I dunno i thought GGG was starting to show age a little to a man 10 years his junior but was still a fantastic performance from him. Should be 1 a piece but there you go.
  13. I didn't get my copies till fucking christmas that year. Mine came with a little booklet about the band and their history, i vividly remember clear as day my Dad reading through it and turning to me shaking his head saying " this fucking Axl guy is a nutcase".