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  1. [TOOL] New Album 'Fear Inoculum'

    I've listened to it 5 or 6 times .....Decent, nothing more nothing less. Pnuema the best song on here by a mile. Not sure why everyone's raving about 7empest maybe it's the shock of a tempo change! Not worth the wait which is a shame.
  2. August 8th-1992. The Montreal Riot

    The Canadians are underrated rioters
  3. #WokeAxl

    Axl talked about his mental health waaay before that in some of their early interviews, like 86-87. He was always pretty open about knowing something wasn't quite right but not really knowing what it was. He DID know he was a bit of a prick and has always been pretty open about that as well
  4. Black Woman Cast as New 007

    I'm not specifically talking about Bond, im just about the experiment in general. Hollywoods tired old ass needs to get some cool new characters in general ( male, female dwarves or whatever)instead of shit gimmicks or making money off 60 year old comic characters.
  5. Black Woman Cast as New 007

    That's a new character for that film though isn't it? Nothing wrong with strong female characters I wouldn't want a man to play Ripley for instance...trying to gender swap iconic characters is just a bad idea.
  6. Black Woman Cast as New 007

    Halle Berry's returning for another go at James is she, an insatiable cougar she is!. As for a black woman playing 007, females playing iconic male roles have been a success thus far no?
  7. Significant band locations in LA?

    Izzy looks very deep in thought there "hmmm I hope Axls In a good mood this evening"
  8. Significant band locations in LA?

    I only realized a couple of years ago.....its the slicked back hair I think its as good a disguise as Clark Kents glasses
  9. Hats Thread

    I own one bucket hat that I wear at the beach...do people remember the trucker hat invasion of the early 2000's?
  10. Significant band locations in LA?

    Nice pic, yeah ive never been there but assumed the booths were still there
  11. Significant band locations in LA?

    Glad he mentioned Izzy being the drug dealer at the start of WTTJ not sure that was common knowledge I think though for the pure GNR l.a experience you cant go past sitting in the Rainbow Bar n Grill all day and getting completed shitfaced.
  12. The Boxing Thread

    Funny you mention Lemuiex that was the fight I started taking Saunders seriously...David Lemuiex isn't top TOP level but hes a very tough fight and Saunders made it look easy. I think it could happen, perfect fight for both of them right now.
  13. The Boxing Thread

    So Lenny you think a fight between ya boy Saunders and GGG is a possibility? To be honest I wouldn't have given Saunders a chance in hell up until recently but I thint it would be a good fight. Question is could Billy eat many of G's punches? For all of Saunders technical ability GGG is elite level and he'll connect plenty of times.
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    At least you don't act like your shit don't stink.
  15. "Alternative.....WHAT IS THIS WORD?!" -Axl Rose live rant (sometime in the early 90's)