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  1. I think it's great....also it's funny seeing another 90's "alternative" rocker professing his love for GNR
  2. Would you wear a robe?

    My Grandad was a hard bastard from Bermondsey sarf London and rocked the robe on a regular basis, had his initials on the chest and everything. I've wanted one ever since but just have never got round to owning one.
  3. I'm not surprised Izzy recognized him...." oh look there's that guy in the ninja outfit i met earlier he'll know where to find some scissors"
  4. What Are You Listening To 2018

    Pure aggro
  5. Maaan that guitar sounds great, alot like a hollow body....i assume Malcom loved that sort of sound but those guitars were just too big for him so he improvised. Weird choice of guitarist to show off the guitar though.
  6. Axl's alleged plastic surgery

    I wish that weird old bloke asked him at the China Exchange thing, he looked like he could snap at any moment and that might have done the trick.
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    Son- Hey check this out Dad its called the Backpack kid dance Me- Thats great son but also abit shit, check out this filmclip Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson Son- (blown away)Tell me more about this man! Me- Well Son....
  8. The Most Depressing Album Of All Time ?

    nice one mate
  9. True Story Behind Estranged!

    Estranged only gets better with time for me.
  10. On a breezy day you could smell the meth labs
  11. Axl has more pressing things to worry about anyway, like how to make this years Halloween tree better than last years.
  12. I suppose but it was there on Appetite ( thinking Paradise City and You're Crazy) so it's not like it was a new sound for them.