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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    Everybody present here needs to have a good hard look at themselves.
  2. Fuck yeah two members of two of my favourite groups ever. Wonder if they ever smoked PCP together back in the day.
  3. Trust Axl to be late to the interview
  4. Pharma Bro Sentenced to 7 Years

    Still aint nuthin ta fuck with
  5. Recommend some good mid 90s hard rock records

    Well you did have Anselmo/Dimebag they where probably the last high profile singer/lead guitar combo...well ever really. Of course not really in the Stones mould.
  6. Recommend some good mid 90s hard rock records

    I don't think there was anything like GNR or Aerosmith in that era, was some great "stoner" rock albums in that period and those bands sort of harked back to the classic rock sound but mayber a little heavier. Bands like Kyuss, Down, Monster Magnet, Qotsa, Fu Manchu etc
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    Give this a try, been doing this every morning for the past month its fucking great. Basically charges your body like a battery and gives you a little natural high to go with it. Feels weird at first but stick with it and you'll see the benefits.
  8. What Are You Listening To 2018

    Whoops just posted this in the 2017 section
  9. What Are You Listening To 2017

  10. RIP "Fast" Eddie Clarke

    Pretty sure i read an interview with Slash i think it was saying the band all had different tastes but Motorhead was a band they all agreed kicked ass. I guess it was the influence of your Mororheads and Rose Tattoos that gave them that bit of nastiness. RIP fast Eddie....We Are The Road Crew!!!
  11. black sabbath or led zeppelin?

    Black Sabbath pretty comfortably, Led Zep are a great band though.
  12. Jeez the Planet of the Apes laughing man hasn't made an appearance at your tour comment yet?. If there was residency between both bands at Wembley and the Olympic Stadium Oasis would probably be able to milk it for longer though.
  13. Thats the Joe Perry 59 Les Paul, the wear under the volume knob is the same as other images of that guitar. Could be photos of Slashs first time trying her out.
  14. Greta Van Fleet

    Well yeah to reiterate whats been said basically too close to Zeppelin for me BUT they are young kids oozing with talent and should grow into their own skin soon enough, or of course they could be the next Wolfmother happy to be a retro rip off band. Hopefully they go down the path of say Tame Impala.... who you could pick a number of bands they sounded like early in their career, but developed their own unique thing as they went along.