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  1. Alright fellow got your point, you do not need to keep being saltier than salt. Chill out and watch some U2 and get back to better mood.
  2. I would call the first Las Vegas show (4-8-16) might have the best This I love yet in NITL tour (judged by the seen videos). Even though otherwise it is not my favorite gig but This I Love were great imo.
  3. I bought mine around 2.30 pm (nr. 71). A bit overlighted picture but couldn't make it better. @ back to the topic What a gig it was - one of the best what I've ever seen and felt! It had some extremely magical moments for me and no doubt it paid off for extra wait. At least the wait was not even close as I saw GNR last time (2006). I was a bit worried how things turn out in live because I've watched some of the live streams before. However it turned out that all my worries were misguided, I don't know why the hell Axl sounds so much better in live than all streams and videos what we see (for example Sweet Child O' Mine & Paradise City). But I guess it is just because being in the crowd - feeling and breething or simply said living the moment. Some bad talking here about audiance, but at least what I saw in "regular" audiance in 7-8 row the crowd was really in to it and song & dance like a last day. Sure there were some "rock polices" around here and there, but they didin't ruin my mood. For example one of these guys helped out a girl (maybe 17 or so) who coudn''t see anything and so he asked people to make room for her so that she could see - and therefore crowd made a way for her. The golden circle is what it is and the crowd might not be the wildest one at far away (near the beer tents) but the regular crowd at least were good enough for a great gig. As everything here is allready said and done - but my personal favorites were Sweet Child O' Mine, Nightrain, Coma, Knocking' on Heavens Doors and suprisingly This I love. All in all even with all the minor issues what others mentioned here before, 10/10 I had a blast - a lot fun and joy while living into it! I would pay and watch again anyday whit out hesitation. But if I could have just one wish what to improve, next time as an arena gig please. Might be posted already but here is a decent longer video (15 songs) from the gig.
  4. Panic button, any streams??
  5. Umm nope, he has been great so far today.
  6. Clue or mistake

    This could mean only one thing. Actually both 4 and 8 are missing so.. a new album in 8th of april or 4th of august!
  7. You Could Be Mine Btw great audience!
  8. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Hahah no problem! I do not have too many posts so I guess I'm still a newbie.
  9. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Indeed! (And thanks plus hello to you too!)
  10. What Are You Listening To 2016

    First Guns N' Roses now Helloween. I'm going to die happy!
  11. TBH it is equally annoying to have at every thread someone crying about Izzy. I'm thankfull what we have atm and it is nice to read threads about positive hype around the band but there is always at least one mood killer crying about Izzy. And as a disclaimer I'm not pointing at you. Just wanted to give the nod that both sides are equally annoying.