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  1. I enjoy how Axl is completely dressed downed. I feel like that was deliberate to show the RRHOF means nothing to him.
  2. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I didn’t think about that, you could be correct.
  3. Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poison 2020 Stadium Tour

    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/motley-crue-def-leppard-poison-set-2020-stadium-tour-913823/ I don’t what promoter thought this was a good idea, but there’s no way these 3 acts could fill half a stadium.
  4. Old School Tix

    I recall seeing Original GNR tickets in Captain Marvel and it made me jealous of anybody who saw them in the 80’s. Like how many people actually saw GNR in the 80’s and appreciated it.
  5. The Joker

    Maybe a Sequel would have someone take that role of “Joker”, while Arthur remains in Arkham. Because as you said, Arthur cannot be Joker for the reasons you listed. Perhaps, Alfred could be the adversary to this Joker since Arthur is indirectly responsible for Wayne’s death. A sequel seems unlikely.
  6. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I do. The same thing occurred to me at a GNR show in Tulsa some years ago. I had concerns, too. I believe was even more to the left than the section you presented and I could see the background screen without any obstruction. You will have an excellent view.
  7. I would love to hear Troccolis or Maninjapan GNR totals
  8. Super douche bag. I can’t believe Axl ever gave him an interview.
  9. What would be your ideal GNR tour?

    A Metallica/GNR stadium tour in the round, with U2 level of production values. And, of course GNR with a new release.
  10. *Top 10 GNR Moments 2019*

    I never saw it that way. Thank you for your response. You’re correct.
  11. *Top 10 GNR Moments 2019*

    Toche. And I have no actual issue with any member here. By all accounts Russ sounds like a cool human being. But, GNR means lot to me and to come to a place that is largely negative about a GNR is sometimes demoralizing in an Internet way. I GNR honestly don’t believe in actively complaining about a band and frequently visiting a forum dedicated to that band. And, the guise of “constructive debate” is not sustainable to me.
  12. *Top 10 GNR Moments 2019*

    Having a low point for a band is some seriously self indulgent bullshit. You’re a mod, so if you’re at a low point, then you are wasting your time. Move on. Expressing it as if it matters is silly. If the new music doesn’t move your needle, then go elsewhere to a place where you are not prone to self pity and self indulgence. And, no, you’re not contributing to a healthy dialogue. Not even close. If this band holds no interest for you and your connection to the band is express disappointment after disappointment then revaluation is in order.
  13. Some of its compelling. I don’t believe him in the end. It always feel like the Aliens only come to the US or that we have that the tech. Snowden was also on Rogan and he said he searched thru all agencies and found nothing about extraterrestrial life. Snowden didn’t entirely rule it out, but he said it would have to be very well hidden because he looked.
  14. They did, but asked Axl for direction on what songs he’d like to be played. And probably wanted to know what songs from CD would be played nightly. Maybe that’s why Better has that into because the band knew they were okaying every night and wanted to make it sound cool.
  15. The "New Album" Thread

    If added Going Down, Silkworms and a reworked Oh My God, plus add vocals to some of the other songs like Oklahoma and Dummy and CD would have been brilliant.
  16. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    He also mean the spaghetti incident.
  17. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Contraband combined with CD would have been a classic album.
  18. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I agree with your total assessment. Axl has not been motivated by money for most of his career. Even Izzy, who many here believe to be a Demi-god stated that Axl doesn’t care about the money. Axl’s behavior during the UYI tour proved cash wasn’t a factor in his decisions. And continuing with Nu-Guns to the point of being able to sell out 3k seat theaters proves cash is not a factor for him as an artist. And, I’m certain Axl has no idea about the merch being sold, not does he care. It has to be a small part of the pie.
  19. I agree with parts of your point, but maybe That is just Axl’s wishes or maybe things are fragile and any outside influence is just bad energies. Beyoncé released an album by surprise and so have U2, so other artists have made albums in secrecy.
  20. I agree 100%. Nobody cared during the UYI tour. No Izzy, No Steven, yet GNR was the biggest band in the world. It’s just this forum and certain members who live in their own bubble. Izzy didn’t want to tour. Simple as that. His request for equal cash was an easy out for him. He knew that demand would not be met. That’s assuming he even asked for equal cash. Perhaps the band sent him a figure and he just never return their calls. Duff said they waited for months at rehearsals and no Izzy.
  21. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    The production for this tour is definitely underwhelming. I just believe GNR are just about the music.