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  1. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    I can’t imagine the amount of shit people would talk about GNR if the band was breaking in today’s climate. There is no way a prominent white artist could sing the lyrics in one in a million today without consequences. I forgot about the jacket which is super cool to me.
  2. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    It just feels beyond his scope of concern.
  3. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    I still can’t believe Axl gives two shits about who is in office.
  4. The TSI cover.

    Is that a can of chef D spaghetti? I ain’t never see spaghetti like that except chef D.
  5. He realized his potential and then some. Fuck he was a global force. This wasn’t some guy who if he tried harder would have accomplished more as an artist. People act as if he had something more to prove.
  6. Need your help!

    30 years and no mention of such a demo. The UYI version is perfect. Can’t nobody complain about Dizzy or sound effects. It’s straight RnR.
  7. Need your help!

    Why is there an assumption of a You Could Be Mine demo? I have never heard a single band member mention anything of the sort.
  8. Nobody would fabricate a story about Izzy being lazy. That’s a detail that would not deserve a lie. I believe it too. Izzy doesn’t care at all.
  9. Need your help!

    I think the band even played Paradise City mid set.
  10. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    I believe at some point Axl lost his fire or lacked confidence in his material. I think he just wanted to end Guns with reminding the world what the band was. He didn’t want the legacy of his life to be NuGuns.
  11. Need your help!

    How could they get UYI to sound like TSI? I love the songs on TSI, but a huge part of the charm of that album is the sound.
  12. The Axl Rose doesn't like Michael Jackson story

    Wow. I did not know those facts about his case. That is crazy a civil trial would come before a criminal trial.
  13. The Axl Rose doesn't like Michael Jackson story

    Pedos cannot control those urges. I’m almost certain there is clinical research to prove this is the case. Once Michael paid that first child 20 million it was over for him as far as allegations.
  14. The Axl Rose doesn't like Michael Jackson story

    I don’t much about this topic, but I believe it’s safe to assume there was a desire to see if they could generate people to come out and make accusations. If MJ was a pedophile then he would have done something his own children. Pedophiles cannot control those urges.
  15. I read article that predicted no concerts this year and maybe until the end of 2021. If it reaches that point will touring bands as huge as GNR be able to charge 250-325$ for a single ticket.
  16. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    But, do you believe they should have been on the album versus songs that have been leaked from that session?
  17. The Axl Rose doesn't like Michael Jackson story

    Thank you for clearing up the Zutat quote. I didn’t know if that was true. Axl did make that comment at the VMAs. And that is telling to some extent.
  18. The Axl Rose doesn't like Michael Jackson story

    He still made a shit comment before anyone knew about MJ
  19. The Axl Rose doesn't like Michael Jackson story

    There might be a little truth. I believe Axl said something at the VMAs somewhat disavowing MJs name on an award the band recieved. There would be absolutely no reason to make a comment like that unless there was a solid reason.
  20. Need your help!

    Do you own a locked and loaded ?
  21. Need your help!

    The Dallas show would be awesome the first show after St. Louis. I’m certain it was tense.
  22. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    You’re probably correct. Slash can be a bit of promotion whore.
  23. Need your help!

    Ahhhhh. Cool, thank you. I was not aware. That actually makes me feel a bit better. It would be nice if the band were passionate about these products. I feel like it wound reflect in the quality. I suppose it’s safe to assume the Locked and Loaded was profitable if the label wants to do another. How much could one of those box cost to produce? 200$ tops.
  24. Official GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

    Slash said that during the initial release of Contraband. He said that Dave Kishner was the first guitar player to truly compliment his style since Izzy and that Gilby was “too conscious” of Slash’s playing to be a good fit.
  25. Need your help!

    I don’t intend to be negative toward Fernando or the bands effort to deliver a UYI box set, but with only a year to comb thru, edit, and modernize any film, then production of the actual boxes with a year sounds lined a rushed job. And it sounds like they are only collecting ideas at this point. So, it’s in the embryonic stage. Again, with only a year to go. I’m hopeful that we will get some new concert footage and I’ll be grateful if that occurs.