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  1. And lose the gut. With his money he could easily get a nice head of hair instead of what he has going on now.
  2. It was shitty, condescending comment. Joe Rogan spoke of their craftsmanship and he just took a cheap snipe at GNR.
  3. The Pink Floyd comparison is excellent. I have to be in a rare mood to listen to Floyd. Ie. joy Floyd, but I can’t just rock Floyd any given day.
  4. I knew I was opening myself up to that comment. Axl had a way of pulling off looks and clothes nobody could pull off. I always loved Axl’s UYI tour clothes. Some of his clothes now are cool, but kinda odd for a 60 year old guy. I don’t know why he was rocking all those suits in 2006 just to return to shirts and leathers jackets with flannel tied around his waist.
  5. Tool is a weird live experience. I’ve had friends who just love Tool, and I’ve seen Tool live 3 times, but it never engaged me. And Maynard would sometimes dress up as woman, which didn’t feel like art to me.
  6. It will be a shame if Slash doesn’t get to make another album with GNR. Between the VR albums and his solo album GNR could have at least made two more classic albums from that material. But maybe Axl and Slash are just too far part musically to create new music. Sometimes I think the band only had four album in them musically. The classic band only wrote songs from ‘85-‘90.
  7. That’s pure speculation. Nobody’s know what the split on cash is with NITL.
  8. I think the chemistry between the big 3 is apparent. It’s still palpable to me. Slash has made albums and spent a lot of time with SMKC. And, Slash had to come in and find chemistry with Frank, which sounds like it was a challenge. Slash shines in GNR. In SMKC he is definitely the draw, but it feels different. I’m certain Slash has a stronger connection to GNR material.
  9. I consider them a real band, but in actuality It hasn’t been a real band since ‘89 or ‘90, and that goes for any line up. It’s always Axl and the other guys. It’s different now because Axl is dependent on Slash and Duff to maintain his lifestyle and relevance.
  10. One more tour and call it quits for me as well. I just don’t think GNR/Axl translate to playing in your 60’s.
  11. Maybe he just does not believe in the material or the new ideas aren’t any good. I mean if Slash is bringing generic shit to him what do you want Axl to do?
  12. The band is authentic, through and through. And the art and music come first. Plus, Axl is visionary talent.
  13. And the odd fact that the live era cover is from poster made in ‘85 and ‘86, but the album is labeled 87-93. It’s a shitty cover.
  14. It’s always been a challenge for any band to sale out stadium gigs in the US. The single solo show was probably because it was a NYE show. I know U2 played stadium in the US during the early 90’s. I don’t think GNR could sale stadium gigs in 1991 or 1993. Imagine the demand for Metallica/GNR tour today.
  15. No, not at all. I love the band, but the idea of a 65 year old Axl performing on stage doesn’t sound like a solid idea for many reasons. It would also be a shame if the original band doesn’t unite for a song or two on the future. I really don’t understand Izzy. I don’t think even equal distribution of the profits would sway him. He just doesn’t seem to care about the legacy of the band.
  16. I just can’t see U2, Metallica or RHCP doing one. GNR have returned to that level. How would you go from playing stadiums to another residency? I don’t want GNR to keep touring if Axl doesn’t address his appearance. I know some people here don’t mind, but his weird as hair cut and huge gut are a turn off for me. If the band releases one more album than I’d be happy with one more tour to play the songs and circle the world one last time, but other wise I’d like to see GNR hang it up before Axl becomes 60.
  17. The band will not have to return to a residency. I personally had no problem with the residency, but at the same time it could be argued that it’s a career low point. Although, Vegas residencies have become much more credible in recent years. It’s not the kiss of death it once was.
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