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  1. Lol. The reliance on that image could be consider a co-dependent relationship.
  2. I agree with you. It’s highly unusual for modern rock poster to have this value. I don’t believe scarcity is the driving factor, it’s the image itself. There are many GNR lithos with 150 prints runs that sale below 300$. There are others with print runs of 100 and 80, that are valued far below the Kobe. The Kobe litho is a perfect storm of variables creating an anomaly.
  3. Well you make some valid points. I was one of the bidders and to be honest, I’m purposely drove the price up the first 24 hours so I didn’t have to wait for the final 5 minutes of the auction. I stopped at 3k, though. The Kobe litho could hold its value. But, it’s unlikely to have this value outside of this niche community. So where as you could go sale a Picasso with ease, selling a GNR litho with this price will be a small pool of candidates and could prove difficult in the future. But, with this Litho it will become increasingly unlikely to find one for sale unless a person who owns one fin
  4. I didn’t want to wait to see if somebody wanted it bad. And one person does because he exceeded my 2,000$ bid. But I didn’t want to wait 4 days to see his has skin the game. What you think it will go for?
  5. I up bid it last night for shits and gigs. It was at 543$. Pushed it to 2k in 30 minutes. It hasn’t moved since I was outbid.
  6. I was just saying a lot of people just know the GNR songs, but not how much of a force the band was live because of the one headlining tour. It’s almost insane to think GNR only had one legit tour. It took both Metallica and U2 until their fifth albums( The Black album and The Joshua Tree) before those bands became capable of selling arenas or Stadiums. Those bands never lost that ability either. But GNR has to be the only band that ever achieved so much success so quickly and briefly.
  7. U2 were much bigger than Nirvana. Nirvana is huge because of Cobains suicide. Nevermind is a classic album, though. But, had Nirvana lived on the band would have never been bigger than an arena band at best. AIC, STP, and Soundgarden never became arena rock bands. Pearl Jam built a following of their own and Pearl Jam are clearly the biggest band from that era. Nirvana would have broken up. Aside from St. Anger Metallica never lost a step in terms of visibility and selling out arenas and stadiums.
  8. It can be hard to get people to realize how incredible GNR were because the band truly only had one world tour and it was over. It’s not like Metallica, U2, or RHCP, bands that have years at peaks. GNR was a blink and you’ll miss it type thing.
  9. The Houston show is overrated. I was at the Dallas show the day before and it was just a good if you had lower bowl seats. ATT stadium supposedly has acoustic issues.
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