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  1. Duffs wife appears to have her own career and cash flow. Just because these guys are enjoying the higher revenue stream doesn’t mean it’s just a cash grab. I imagine Slash and Duff both enjoy being in GNR fully sober. And imagine that fact alone makes their relationship with Axl improved.
  2. No, I agree with you. It’s cool for what it is, but Axl looks and sounds weird, and he dresses poorly m, too. The crowd was awesome, though.
  3. Excellent observation, but the guy somehow knew he over his head and bowed out gracefully. It must have been cool for Axl to play with his closest friend from childhood during those concert dates. It’s odd Axl never talked about him much after 2001 considering Axl said there wouldn’t even be a band without him.
  4. No new music has finally become an issue this many years later. Whatever chemistry remains within the big 3 it must be only be In performing live. We don’t know if Axl still wants to make music and develop the ideas to an actual release. If there isn’t going to be new music, and I mean, if Axl internally has accepted that reality, then there should be one final tour around the globe. Even with new music, Axl at 60 performing music live just isn’t an appealing idea.
  5. I recall how most members here swore Axl would record with AC/DC. 🙄
  6. I think that short sided. Duff and Slash both are exhausted by Matt. They are fathers now. They have a different perspective.
  7. Tim, when are you going to ballpark how much you’ve spent on GNR?
  8. Well, it’s whatever, I love the guy. He’s the only GNR drummer I’ve seen live. And he’s not a goofball like Steve or a douche bag like Matt. I’d love to interview Frank and hear what’s it been like for him. He keeps his head down.
  9. Really? I thought Ron recommended him and he was picked out from a bar in NJ. That’s my recollection.
  10. Lol. Perfect answer. Fortus did state in an interview that the timing with those 3 took time. I mean Frank is a good drummer, but he was plucked from a bar band. He must pinch himself daily for his fortune. There was no way Axl was bringing in anybody new or old.
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