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  1. It took me long time to appreciate this track but it’s one of favs. Lyrically it’s one of his finest. If Axl had worked on this song and not filtered his voice it could have have been one of the stronger tracks of CD. I can’t believe this song existed with Duff and Matt in the band.
  2. It’s unreal. Stroke, bursted pancrease, Slash’s multiple ODs and heart issue.
  3. Slash playing with just about anybody in the 90’s made GNR cool because they weren’t stuck up rockers. Made me think Slash was a more open minded musician.
  4. I have to ask, can you estimate the man hours you’ve placed into thing?
  5. It was awesome, and what a weird story. Too bad it wasn’t all the vocal performances. That went unnoticed too.
  6. Are you voting for Byran Rose? He works out in sunglasses. That’s so stupid. He can’t handle looking someone in the eyes
  7. Dressed like a clown. Lol. He doesn’t wear his current clothing well.
  8. Wearing glasses is not working out. That super diva shit.
  9. Well, the band essentially did make contraband without Axl. However, those guys are best with top tier frontman.
  10. Fucking Axl’s psychic was getting 10k a month! Wow. For what? Axl is a highly intelligent guy. I just can’t believe he fell for that shit.
  11. I know. What a goofball idea. That idea alone shows fucked up Doug is
  12. There are links on YouTube for certain songs if you need a quick fix.
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