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  1. Chesney/Atkins (Definitely NOT Guns N' Roses) - Full Tune

    Seeing as I haven’t posted any word of anything about this in forever, here’s a clip of Teddy Zig Zag tracking some harmonica for the record
  2. Oh no, no you don’t lol. Don’t go dragging me into this 😂 this is NOTHING to do with me.
  3. So, Per RussTCB I am giving this a post over here. If it needs to be moved elsewhere please let me know! If you don't already know the full story of this, you might want to give the full story behind the mess that was caused which is here Post on MyGNRForum rumors board. - and if you don't know anything about it, probably best its kept that way for the sake of no-one ripping their hair out. In the mean time, for those that have asked to hear full versions of the songs here is a full version of one of those tunes. You're welcome to listen to it or NOT listen to it and needless to say its two guys that were experimenting with sounding like their favorite band.... 3 years ago. Its NOT Guns N' Roses and we didn't really expect anyone to ever think it would be... So, you'll either like it, or you won't I suppose Thanks -S Vehicular Blues