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  1. We literally just got the new Duff album, so I think we can wait a few more months for new material. And if we do get Atlas in november we can probably wait even longer. Jesus, I haven't seen such entitled people in all my life.
  2. What are you talking about? Name one other band who has a manager who takes the time to go to reddit and respond to fans who give him nothing but hate in return. Imagine how busy management are, they don't have to do any of that for us but they do it anyway because they care. We just got a huge boxset with 63 unreleased songs and you're getting upset over 1 b-side being delayed?
  3. What is your problem???? The Lebeis family saved Axl's life, without Beta and Fernando there would be no Guns N' Roses today. If they decide to cancel The General and we never get to hear it, it will be entirely the fault of people like you. I hope you're proud of yourself for spreading vitriol online towards an innocent Brazilian family.
  4. The band don't owe you anything. You should all be grateful they gave us a month and a half of excitement, and this is how you respond? No wonder they hate you all.
  5. Oh also the obligatory post to say it's just a b-side throwaway, I feel shocked and betrayed that it wasn't released on spotify despite the fact that GNR appeared in search results when I kept typing in random song titles, what if it doesn't have vocals, I think it might be State Of Grace/Billionaire/Prom Violence/Shankler's Revenge, and what if the cellphone recording was actually Soul Monster. I will save time and just say now that Slash's version sounds worse than the original that I haven't heard, but I will also speculate what if the original CD version is actually on the vinyl. Also my friend's cousin's neighbour has their copy of the vinyl already because they have a friend who's uncle works at Universal and they said it sounds epic. I also asked chatgpt and it said that The General was released last week and is a heavy metal song similar to Patience, and is a war themed song with lyrics inspired by the invasion of Ukraine. I'm very worried this song will never be released despite the fact we have already pre-ordered our copies.
  6. If you're going to copy and paste the copyright text from Chinese Democracy, at least change the catalog number. Come on, man. Now do us a favour and just post the original digital version of the front cover you made, it's actually pretty cool.
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