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  1. I agree, but if we look at it, any new album will be compared with UYI anyway (as it would be the first album featuring Slash and Duff on original songs since then). Of course, if they did ever attach the UYI name to a new album, the scrutiny would likely be higher though.
  2. Who wants to bet the new album will be called Use Your Illusion III (plus IV if they want go to the effort of a double album), and be released next year or afterwards to big hype coinciding with the 30 year anniversary?
  3. Looks like ACDC is gearing up for a new release... too bad Axl seemed to have been let go.
  4. Buying this shit only praises the band and their label for lazy merchandising and releases.
  5. We can throw in Rose Tattoo and The Angels as some of his favoured bands as well.
  6. Well, now we know why NITL Selects was ceased. Why publish something for free when you can sell it?
  7. Not buying it either, but the guy did say that while the album was coming in July, 'any changes can be made'. That is a qualifier Team Brazil uses for everything.
  8. Keep in mind Axl explicitly said he didn't want to do that back in 2016, but things change. I do hope we hear CD2 in any capacity.
  9. Has anyone mentioned this comment by Fernando over on Reddit? "My priority is, music, tour, merch, happiness. All of which will be taking place next year."
  10. I definitely hear young Axl in the majority of SOYL, particularly in the high clean notes. The only part that really sounds out of place and similar to Axl's modern mannerisms is the grunting 'ugh' sound at 1:50 in the official video (below). If we compare SOYL to Rock the Rock, i think there are distinct differences in Axl's tone and technique.
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