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  1. That is still more or less the NITL setlist. It would have been shit if they ran with it in 'The Next Chapter' European dates. Thankfully they were forced to stop their ludicrous endless touring. Let's just hope they put their downtime to good use.
  2. Did anyone say they aren't popular though? We know Guns is still popular because they last year came off one of the highest-grossing tours of all time. It's just a matter of their inability to follow up with anything substantial outside of touring and merchandise.
  3. I haven't read Matt's book, but it is worth keeping in mind that this reunion apparently (and officially) came into existence because of a contracted gig at Coachella, and it rolled on from there. So the reunion was technically a gig at the start, and perhaps that's what Slash referred to.
  4. They really should have got an album together before going on the NITL tour, or at the latest in 2017/2018 to maintain momentum.
  5. How did i talk bad about Tommy? I just said i prefer Duff to be in Guns N' Roses than Tommy... For what it's worth, i think pretty much every former CD era contributor should be respected.
  6. If i were in charge of the new album's production, i would not put the first reunited song on a pinball machine.
  7. I rather the band to be stagnant with Slash and Duff as members than the band to be stagnant with Stinson, Ashba and Bumblefoot as members.
  8. GN'R came onto a music scene that was dominated by hair rock and pop rock. They were the first real rock band in that generation who lived the life they were writing about and cracked the ceiling to make it to the top. I think this is where the emotions originally stemmed from. They weren't known as 'the most dangerous band in the world' for nothing. Celebrity worship of people like Axl and Slash are normal consequences of fame.
  9. In this case ,it was clearly a soft news piece that the PR guys set up. I don't think he needed to worry too much about being asked hard-hitting questions about new music. he just threw it out there when asked what he's been up to lately. I think there has been quite a few indications of new music. Slash and Duff have both mentioned working on stuff. Fortus said we could hear music earlier than we think. The band rehearsed Hardschool and there were indications that something was brewing for this year until the pandemic hit.
  10. Hardschool is a fine rocker though (much better than AC/DC's new single), and Slash and Duff seem to have reworked it into a classic GN'R style as well. I think it would work as a comeback single.
  11. Yes, i think HS will absolutely be on any new album the band decides to release. Slash and Duff have clearly reworked it if the short rehearsal clips we have are anything to go by.
  12. I think the short rehearsal clips indicate this also. Sounds like HS now has a bass intro (similar to ISE), which is cool and infinitely closer to the GN'R sound.
  13. If only they put as much effort into a new album as they do merchandise and licensing.
  14. I agree, but if we look at it, any new album will be compared with UYI anyway (as it would be the first album featuring Slash and Duff on original songs since then). Of course, if they did ever attach the UYI name to a new album, the scrutiny would likely be higher though.
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