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  1. I went to a GN'R concert where ZZ Top opened for them. They even played together on a few songs if i remember correctly. Was really cool.
  2. I would like to hear Reckless Life or Perfect Crime. As far as covers go, i would like to hear Marseilles by The Angels.
  3. Peak Axl is '87/'88, and i honestly think he has become technically superior as he has aged (despite what people say of his performances).
  4. We still have four months, so hopefully things get under control again.
  5. True, but "The Next Chapter" hasn't been dropped entirely. In some ads (mostly TV/YouTube), they have used both.
  6. I think we may hear 'new' music this year (e.g. Hardschool performed live), but i don't think there will be an album until a wider world tour is possible (possibly next year with Europe or the year after).
  7. I'm semi-convinced this is the place, but it could be for anything given Slash's connections, lol.
  8. Slash sounds like a bit of a prick in how he refers to Frank's position in the band, lol. Frank may not be the best drummer, but he does a fine job and i really don't care for Matt Sorum to be back in the band (despite how essential he was for his time and place in GN'Rs history).
  9. You know what would really be cool? Releasing new fucking music, lol.
  10. I definitely want to hear Soul Monster after what we heard of Me and My Elvis on the Village sessions. I still hope for The General too, no matter how unlikely that would be given its genesis. Wasn't it meant to be the sequel to Estranged? Always possible it could make the cut because of that.
  11. Fuck Team Brazil, but this shouldn't surprise anybody. This has been their modus operandi for years. They simply want to control everything they can regarding the brand, even if it is to its detriment. Sorry for you, Brando.
  12. To be honest, i was very impressed with Slash's improvisations in TIL and Sorry in 2016/2017. He went off a cliff in following years though. I am not impressed when he tries to sit on the fence by playing some of the original solo with his own additions, which more often than not, does justice to neither the original or his own style (e.g. TWAT).
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