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  1. I guess it comes down to if people like Matt or Steven would be willing to put the effort into (re)-learning everything else (including whatever new material may come around). I suppose they could get Brain again (who probably still knows the stuff), but other than him and Frank, there would have to be a lot of re-learning and re-tooling (in band environment/management) involved.
  2. Unpopular opinion, but i'm happy with Frank. He can play whatever the band throws at him, whether that be AFD, UYI or CD stuff. He may not be the best drummer the band has ever had, but he works and doesn't complain or come off as arrogant.
  3. Members of this forum reported hearing it soundchecked as they waited outside.
  4. I expect something from Guns. I mean, we know they have been working on Hardschool at the very least. Obviously they are working, but it all depends on how/when they want to release, and this has always been the big hurdle for Axl and/or Geffen/UMG.
  5. I didn't get to read his book - was he really asked to play without pay? I would have told them to fuck off too.
  6. Using social media follows as a metric of whether or not someone has been fired is stupid. We have no legitimate reason to believe Frank has been let go, and even if he has, i doubt it has anything to do with the comments he liked on social media (he liked all the comments posted to his page anyway, except for Rick's "Fuck off Team Brazil" spam). P.S. Fuck off Rick. Stop spamming people.
  7. I think a similar comment was made earlier last year by a well-respected person on this forum, and it all seems to correlate with Guns using the AFD logo for their Australian/New Zealand tour late this year as well. I think the possibility is there that Steven and Izzy may be involved to some extent, but i do not think they have replaced Frank and Richard as full-time members. Richard still talks as if he's a member, and Frank is reliable and still shares GN'R stuff. If anything, it may be that Steven and Izzy have agreed to participate in live concerts and maybe contribute to some studio
  8. Bumblefoot may or may not have been socially-reluctant within the band, but for years, he was the most amiable member towards fans. He was always willing to chat with people on or offline, and he was a great musician to boot. Fuck whoever has shit to say about him.
  9. No. While he is somewhat responsible for the leaks we got in 2019, the guy is an attention seeker who doesn't know when to shut up. He gave us hourly updates on his journey to pick up the leaks, and then dicked everybody around while bragging about them. He proceeded to milk his 15 minutes of fame and is just generally a nuisance now.
  10. Now that i think about it, I'm sure you're right lol. Thanks mate.
  11. Hopefully this means we will get Aint Goin Down from the same gig too. SCOM sounds pretty good, but are we sure it's the very first time they played it in front of a live audience? Setlist.com has the first premiere at Music Machine a few months earlier (March 1986), but also mentions Whiskey being the first (even though it qas at August). Anyone know for sure?
  12. I'm going to an Aussie show regardless of what they play, simply because they only come down here every 3-5 years. The next time we will get to see Axl is when he is in his early 60's, and who knows what condition he will be in then, lol. I would not be happy with only a few minor changes to the setlist when the NITL tour is over, but beggars can't be choosers i suppose.
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