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  1. The reason why its being associated with NFL is because GN'R main fanbase in the USA are 30+ males, who probably like things like hard rock, sport, etc. The reason why they're promoting it now is probably for sustained public interest and promotion leading up to the EP in the new year.
  2. This is likely promotion in preparation for the EP release in the new year. It appears to be limited though, and should have no impact on Slash's marketing (which will probably be much wider).
  3. It seems in response to the Travis Scott situation, many videos were shared to Reddit of other musicians taking appropriate steps against crowd surges. One of the videos was of GN'R telling fans to take a step back during YCBM at Chile, and it hit the top of the Videos subreddit, receiving 11,000+ upvotes and 600+ comments. It was eventually removed by YouTube because of a copyright claim. Now i'm not sure exactly what happens behind the scenes there, but imagine shooting GNR in the foot when tens of thousands of people have just been exposed to good internet publicity. Boggles the mind lol. https://imgur.com/a/4NgRAFK
  4. Slash said that he and Duff recorded a lot of material that Axl had, which is evident through the release of Absurd and Hard Skool this year. Everything else he said about music turned out mostly true, so there is no need to doubt him.
  5. I seem to recall one interview where Duff mentioned that Axl had a lot of material, and that he himself (Duff) also has a fair bit of material that he was bringing in. That doesn't necessarily translate to actually contributing material towards a future release though. It could simply fall into the same basket as Slash recording ideas for GN'R. Can't find the interview now though, lol.
  6. I don't think it was well done at all... Of course, Evader's work is good, but whoever attached the rest of the instrumental to it did a shit job, lol. You can clearly hear where the transitions were made - it sounds like shit. Even if someone has never heard The General before, it should be clear to them that this is fake.
  7. If i wanted straight generic rock, i would pick up the next SMKC album. I hope the next GN'R album has a healthy mix of rock and Axl's epic/experimental shit.
  8. No idea what the media is feeding people in the USA, but Australia is not as bad as people overseas are making it out to be. It is really only Sydney and Melbourne experiencing these issues. It's not like the entire country is going to shit, lol. In any case, i don't expect any activity for GN'R until the next tour.
  9. As far as i'm concerned, if the song is good, then who gives a shit?
  10. Do any of my Aussie (and maybe Kiwi) mates here remember Regurgitator and Band in a Bubble? For the uninitiated, Regurgitator is an electro-pop-rock band that was locked inside a glass recording studio in Melbourne and forced to make an album in 21 days. They were recorded live on tv, 24/7, for the whole country to watch. They should lock GN'R in a bubble and do the same, lol. Here's an overview:
  11. Axl has referred to her as his mother previously, which is weird - but i get it. We all know Axl had a terrible childhood and went through some tough shit. It wouldn't surprise me if Beta also supported him during some dark times (potentially even saving his life), and we see how deeply he was affected by her support in his speech as Rock in Rio 2001.
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