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  1. We have multiple confirmations by Slash and Duff that recording has been done to some extent. We know Slash recorded at Axl's house. We have confirmation of new material by Susan, Fernando et al, and we know the band has rehearsed Hardschool. We have reports from some trusted people who have connections that something is brewing. Clearly, recording has been done to some extent - we just don't know what.
  2. We know the band has already done a fair bit of recording, so my guess is that 'hoping to get an album done by Q4 this year' may mean any album is in a post-production stage. I think we could see an album by November at the very earliest (when the Aus/NZ tour starts), but it is more likely to coincide with the larger Euro tour in 2022.
  3. Why put him in another cartoon when you can make him reprise his role on K-DST in Grand Theft Auto?
  4. You referring to SMKC or GN'R? I think it's likely for both bands.
  5. I think it's lyrically better than some of the other leaks, but it is boring as hell and meanders along for too long.
  6. In Australia, they're marketing the tour with "stadium rock is back", and they were pushing it as the first big tour to hit our shores since the pandemic. Funnily enough, ever since then, a whole host of rock bands have undercut GN'R and have announced tours at the same time or earlier.
  7. Being from Australia, i hate seeing April Fools shit from the rest of the world when it is almost the next day here, lol.
  8. When the leaks happened, i dreamed i was at a live concert and Axl was singing songs like Perhaps, Atlas and Hardschool... with his Mickey vocals and all, lol.
  9. I thought he sounded great in that soundcheck clip. Not sure what the fuss is about. He would probably mickey it sometimes, but it seems to suit his current range pretty well.
  10. Brasky is mostly full of shit. Almost nothing he has said has eventuated.
  11. New management because professionals know what they're doing and in such cases, proper band activity and communication stems from there. A nepotist Brazilian family has no place managing one of the biggest rock bands on the planet
  12. Fuck this band is boring nowadays. Doc Neeson is dead and i still get more enjoyment out of The Angels material than i do with Guns...
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