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  1. Best Sandwiches

    1. Philly Cheesesteak from Tony Luke's, Philadelphia: 2. Italian Roast Pork Sandwich, also from Tony Luke's, Philadelphia: 3. Italian Hoagie from various Deli's in the Philadelphia area...This one is from Primos: 4. "Panino con Porchetta", Abruzzo, Italy: 5. "Panino con salsiccia", Italy, and other various places around the world: 6."Panino con Prosciutto": 7. Classic American Cheeseburger (Best with bacon). This one is from Five Guys: 8. Classic American Hot Dogs, with various fixings: 9. Chick Fil A Chicken Sandwich: 10. Classic Cuban Sandwich: Honorable mentions: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Grilled Ham & Cheese, Reuben, Shawarma, Gyro, Hot Roast Beef and French Dip. (Also, homemade Italian chicken cutlet sandwiches would easily be in the top 10 but since they're "homemade" I didn't put them on the list).
  2. The UFO thread

  3. This thread is dedicated to whatever you're watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu - Movies, shows, etc....what's hot and what's not.... There's also a site I found that lists the most popular (recent) Netflix streams.... http://instantwatcher.com/ So what are you watching?
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    It's no use crying over spilt milk.
  5. The trailer screams classic Tarantino.....
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yep. https://time.com/5619662/blue-bell-ice-cream-licking-video/ I think most brands do have seals. I guess Blue Bell brand doesn't.
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    Sort of sad that it's gotten to this point, really. Seriously, what is wrong with some people? I say just give them their Tide pods back so they leave our ice cream alone.
  8. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Since religion and spirituality are brought up regularly in many threads, I think it would be beneficial to hold discussions regarding religion and spirituality here. Enjoy!
  9. Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits California

    They just had another one...even stronger....
  10. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    @downzy Is there going to be a section/individual threads for the new tour dates? Or maybe pin this thread?
  11. Member Picture Thread

    It was the first time I've been in London in about 20 years. Awesome city! Hopefully I'd like to go back within a year or two....we can find out how well you hold your shots down then.
  12. Member Picture Thread

    It was only 3 days at the end of our trip from Italy...basically to celebrate my Mom's retirement and to visit my cousin, who just had a new baby. Basically a family trip of sorts. I wasn't allowed to go "Vegas style" crazy.
  13. Member Picture Thread

    Anarchy in the UK! Had some fun in London a few weeks ago.
  14. Stranger Things season 3 just released.
  15. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I don't think I'm infringing on your need for hard evidence because the "hard evidence" you seek is based on faith. It's available to you but you would need to open yourself up to believing in God. As far as "reproductive autonomy", personally, it takes two people to create a child, last I checked, no? So how can a woman ever have reproductive autonomy? I mean, I guess with modern science, they can go to a lab, etc...but I don't think anyone is stopping them from doing that, are they? As far as abortion goes, personally, I think it is wrong but last I checked, it's still legal around here.
  16. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I can't answer that. Only you can answer that. Have you ever opened yourself up to believing in God?
  17. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I give to charity and I support sciences...and it feels good too! As far as faith goes, it's 100% completely logical to me as well. It doesn't make it any harder or easier to believe...but it certainly is logical to me. I couldn't fathom living in a universe devoid of some sort of higher power...I'm not sure how some of you atheists do it, tbh.
  18. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    It actually is a feeling for most people with faith. Feeling that God is present within your life. If there was scientific proof of God, people wouldn't really need faith. But for those that have true faith, there is little difference between showing "physical proof" vs them knowing that God is present. Faith is like another dimension to those that truly have it. That's the best way I can explain it.
  19. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I guess I'm more inclined to be "open minded" than some. At the end of the day, if it makes them happy, who am I to tell them that unicorns don't exist? As far as I would be concerned, maybe they do and maybe it's me that doesn't see them.
  20. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    *In God, not "gods". In the shortest, simplest terms, it feels good to be humble and give credit to a higher power. At the same time, it's frustrating when I know I failed in areas of faith. But the hope that believing in God brings, typically makes things better....both in a Spiritual sense and in a very real, physical sense. I'm far from perfect and I have many things I need to work on but faith seems to make the road more manageable...for me personally, anyway.
  21. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Probably. I would most likely want to find out more about it, their inner feelings on why they believe in unicorns, etc. I don't think I would laugh at them and criticize them for it, though.
  22. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I actually have a degree in Psychology. That, we can agree on.
  23. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Babies will be fine. I have faith and hope that they will be. That's the great thing about faith, we don't hang ourselves up on things that (in the end) will most likely work themselves out. That's what we believe. From a psychological perspective, you seem to have a deep, subconscious want or need for God in your life. That's probably the reason you post in this thread with such vigor. I've watched you question, ridicule, laugh at just about every poster who believes in a Higher Power in this thread and on this forum for years. A normal person, who doesn't have faith, doesn't want it, etc....would simply look over things, ask a few questions and move on. Not you though. You spend so much time and energy trying to criticize those with faith and have done it for years. Even other atheists on the forum, come by, ask a few questions, some criticize, etc then move on. But not you. The opposite of love is not hate but indifference...and it's pretty obvious, whether you admit it or not, that you are searching for answers....at the very least, on subconscious level. Good for you.
  24. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Tbh I don’t think that’s even a sin. (Unless you did it on purpose to offend someone. )