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  1. Unless there is some type of limited tour with this, I don't care.
  2. Plans after July 2018

    Don't know if I would be that upset with this if they mixed it up slightly. Was hoping for a show with the Stones since they both end their current scheduled shows in July.
  3. Anyone have any info on GnR plans post 7/21. Hard to believe they would stop touring after a light summer schedule.
  4. Debating coming out for the tour finale. Anything else to do in town?
  5. Anyone selling the Philadelphia Litho with Ben Franklin on it? I am trying to back track and get the posters I missed. Thanks
  6. Ultra HD pix of stage

    I should blame my phone but I actually just like seeing him jump and spin. Thanks. I am looking for 5 by 3 so they should be good.
  7. I have a large wall I was thinking of putting a pic of the stage from Gn'R but you really need a great file to blow it up that big. Anyone have any or know where I can find them. I have seen them for stadiums. Looking for landscape pic of stage or Axl, Slash and Duff on stage.