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  1. Hi everybody. As many of you may know, Guns N' Roses lore mentions that Appetite started rolling when, following Tom Zutaut's direct request to David Geffen, the Welcome To The Jungle video got to be "aired only one time around 5:00AM on a Sunday morning." (soure Wikipedia, Tom King, The Operator: David Geffen Builds, Buys, and Sells the New Hollywood, p. 430, Broadway Books (New York 2001). Now, according to IMDB, the WTTJ video was released on monday september 28th 1987, so the to-be-disclosed sunday could be sunday september 27th 1987 but, if it were true, it would conflict with Tom Zutaut's statement that "the band threw a party while awaiting the early-hours broadcast. While the musicians and friends indulged in their rock’n’roll excesses of choice, Tom Zutaut bought “bucketloads” of cookies and milk for some sustenance. “Before the video comes on, maybe like 11 at night, there’s a knock on the door and it’s the LA Country Sheriffs,” Zutaut recalled." Why does it conflict? Because on september 27th 1987 the band was already in, or on a flight to, Hamburg, Germany for the first show - september 29th 1987 - of the European leg of the Appetite for Destruction Tour, with Faster Pussycat opening. I know that tecnhically the band could have flown to Europe in the afternoon of september 27th and landed in Germany on september 28th for 1 good night of sleep before starting the tour the next evening, so I have to check that one thing as well. Coulkd it be another sunday though? September 21st, the band was in LA fresh off the Cult tour; October 11th, the band was in LA fresh off the European tour; November 29th, the band was in LA fresh off the Mötley Crüe tour; I'm just curious that such an important event in the ascent of GNR to stardom doesn't have a set date on it.