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  1. Fernando, There's a chance Axl will open his vault for new Pro-shots release in the future? Thanks for your answers.
  2. Some user told if I could make this list, so, here it goes: Apettite for Destructcion: Anything goes Gnr Lies: - UYI 1: Back off bitch, Garden of Eden. Bad apples, Don't damn me (Never played) UYI 2: Get in the ring (Never played), Shogtgun blues (Never played), Breakdown, Locomotive, My world (Never played) Spaghetti Incident?: All of them, except "Attitude" and some seconds from "Since i don't have you" Chinese democracy: If the world, There was a time, Scraped, Riad N' the bedouins.
  3. The description says: October 13, 1989 at the Parkview Plaza Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.
  4. I know this video is not new, but i wanted to know if someone ever tried to contact this guy or something like that. Looks like an amazing gig.
  5. Anyone knows if this guy could realease this whole show? Seems amazing!
  6. You're right my bad. Corrected! There's only an audience recording for that one.
  7. Locomotive, Breakdown, Shadow of your love, Back off bitch, One in a million, Garden of eden, Anything goes. With saskatoon 93 now we have The garden for the first time.
  8. Perfect crime: Indiana 91, St louis 91 Think About you: Music machine 86, Rock in rio 01
  9. Both aren't sounboards, they sound really great but as the tittle says (Four In-Ear Monitor feeds + original AUD capture) the same as budokan hall 2007
  10. The same happens with "Welcome to the jungle" from Argentina 2016, both were TV recorded but they don't used profesional cameras. also audio isn't a soundboard. Similar filming that in Argentina 2014 also.
  11. i've never seen it. Not a big fan of that Gnr era. if you found it just tell me so I can update the list!
  12. Added! but First one isnt Pro-shot its just one camara with a normal recording. (TN no uso la filmación profesional como lo hizo el 13 en 1992)