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  1. Yeah, I know that in that case Im alone, not saying is a bad song, still think it's great.
  2. MY personal opinion: Appetite For Destruction: Best: Welcome to the Jungle Worst: Out ta get me Lies: Best: Patience Worst: One in a million Use You Illusion I: Best: November Rain Worst: Bad Apples (By far IMO) Use Your Illusion II: Best: You Could be Mine Worst: My World The Spaghetti Incident?!: Best: Since I' dont have you Worst: Look at your game girl Chinese Democracy: Best: This I love Worst: Riad N bedouins
  3. Any news with this unsurfaced Pro-Shots?

    Lol Apparently someone sent me your post by email. I didn't know it was published in this forum, sorry for copying it
  4. Hello guys, Some of you might remember one forum member posting this in the original Saskatoon thread, gone away thanks to the IFPI and whoever is behind that fiasco: "(...) if someone here (preferably in Europe as I live in Austria now so sending would not take too long) is able to digitize from VHS, Video8 and Hi8 I would have a few tapes that might be interesting for the fans here. I don't have a player anymore for neither of them so I can't take pics or videos of the TV but I'm not asking for money just for someone transferring the footage for free - a proper copy of the stuff would be nice though after it's done and obviously it should be shared somehow after for free (torrent, YT, whatever) The footage I'm talking about would be: Amsterdam - October 2nd, 1987 - VHS Unknown Gen, 20 minutes recorded by the venue with 1 cam, transferred badly to VHS but watchable. Manchester - October 6th, 1987 - Master Video8, audience shot of the full gig. Tokyo - December 10th, 1988 - Master Hi8, audience shot of the full gig. Helsinki - August 13th, 1991 - VHS probably 1st Gen, about 30 minutes pro filmed with 1 cam. No idea who filmed it but I guess a TV station. Got the tape from a finnish workmate years ago. Vienna - May 23rd, 1992 - VHS from the master tapes, about 90 minutes pro footage filmed by Austrian TV station ORF with 2 cameras as far as I remember. Not all from the gig though, there's a few interview clips with the band and fans plus maybe 5 minutes of the soundcheck, so around 60-70 minutes gig footage. Aside from a few interviews none of this eas shown on TV Vienna - June 2nd, 1993 - VHS from the master tapes, full gig pro footage, multicam, also by ORF with 2 or 3 cams. None shown on TV Lyon - July 9th 1993 - 2 Master Hi8 tapes (one shot from the side of the stage and one between fist row and stage) and 1 VHS badly cut together by both. Audience, full gig. All of them are legit as I watched them all. I would have a few other which I can't confirm as I haven't watched them ever but I would send them too, maybe they are real." It was about 2-3 weeks ago. Tapes have been sent to Limulus apparently. We didn't have any news afterward. What's the status with this project? Will we ever see these tapes? Are they in good shape? It'd be great to see some stills from them (I guess they're not 100% digitally transferred as of now), especially Vienna 93 if it's complete and Lyon 93 because it sounds interesting. Helsinki 91 sounds cool too. No one else is curious about that? For once it won't come from bootleggers first (hello St Louis, Saskatoon), so it should be shared more easily I guess. I know Limulus will take good care of the tapes but I also know he is very busy so if I can help with the VHS transfer (just raw transfer to MPEG2/ MP4/ other format for instance), just let me know! And if we could hear more about this project and tentative release dates, it'd be awesome! Thanks to all involved!
  5. It's velvet revolver, not gnr, still a cover.
  6. They skiped YCBM and Don't cry for this f*cking cover????? really??? I can't belive it. The setlist changed but for WORST
  7. So... the same setlist... Again.
  8. Fernando, There's a chance Axl will open his vault for new Pro-shots release in the future? Thanks for your answers.
  9. Some user told if I could make this list, so, here it goes: Apettite for Destructcion: Anything goes Gnr Lies: - UYI 1: Back off bitch, Garden of Eden, Bad apples, Don't damn me (Never played) UYI 2: Get in the ring (Never played), Shogtgun blues (Never played), Breakdown, Locomotive, My world (Never played) Spaghetti Incident?: All of them, except "Attitude" and some seconds from "Since i don't have you" Chinese democracy: If the world, Scraped.
  10. The description says: October 13, 1989 at the Parkview Plaza Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.
  11. I know this video is not new, but i wanted to know if someone ever tried to contact this guy or something like that. Looks like an amazing gig.
  12. Anyone knows if this guy could realease this whole show? Seems amazing!