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  1. THE most overrated GNR song?

    There was a time, Catcher in the Rye.
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Anyone stills playing online on PC?
  3. Need your help!

    Ritz 91 in that quality would be insane! Really love that show, the band was on fire also they did a really cool setlist
  4. Phœnix and washington 1992

    I have the audience shot from Washigton, and the flac from Phoenix, DM me and Ill send you the link
  5. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    -Brian Mantia was the worst drummer that played in the band. For me he really fucked up all AFD and UYI Songs. -Prefer Ashba or Bumblefoot over Buckethead or Finck - All related to NITLT is really boring and this point, at least since 2017-18. - There was a time and Catcher in the rye are overrated. - Prefer almost any "Pre-Gnr" song (Cold hard cash, crash diet, bloodshot eyes, etc) to many "Modern era" Gnr songs
  6. Need your help!

    Unseen Live video footage, maybe some demos. But would be cool to release, as I said, some really unseen content. Some Full Pro shots remasters in HD or Maybe 4K would be incredible! There are so many amazing shows on the tour to make it Posibble.
  7. Which leak are you talking about? Never heard about that Kevin B tape.
  8. Marc Canter Live Chat on Discord

    That's would be great, we should ask Fernando. Marc's vault should be leaked full not only few seconds without audio.
  9. Marc Canter Live Chat on Discord

    That's another point. His material isn't anything oficial or something like that, so he shouldn't have any problem uploading it. That's good question to ask him.
  10. Marc Canter Live Chat on Discord

    He said he won't speak about Marc Canter from an official source, but you know, Fernando doesn't seem to care about old GNR material. He said he didn't have anything against fans uploading material. What Marc has is kinda Bootleg material, so I guess that if someone asks Fernando, he i'll probably said it's ok. At least try
  11. Marc Canter Live Chat on Discord

    We should ask Fernando if Marc has the permission to upload all the stuff. On Discord he said that he had no problem with users uploading material.
  12. Mnn... yeah Iceland doesn't sound like soundboard to me, as you said, more like an iem. Updated the rest!
  13. Photos from Marquee 87 - 28th???

    Here are some pics from the 28th. If you need more DM me.