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  1. Thanks, Blake! I worked with the Frame Shop manager at my local Jo-Ann Fabrics on all three. The Philly litho is a bit understated for my taste, but I couldn’t be happier with Boston and NYC.
  2. Better late than never, skassi.
  3. skassi, would be happy to. It’s textured and there’s some purple in the matting. IMO, the picture doesn’t do it justice. Currently out of town, but will share when I get home later this week. Cheers!
  4. Same here. I have three framed, but not a clue how to upload.
  5. Stumbled upon this site while looking for tour info when I first noticed the lithographs. Instantly, I was hooked. So far, I’ve been able to get my hands on Boston, NYC (Slash) and Philly. I was hoping to share as I have them framed, but can’t figure out how to post pics. A little help would be greatly appreciated.