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  1. Please don't play with my emotions
  2. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Think it is time this band treats the hardcore fans, open the bloody vault!
  3. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Id like to have a simpler remix, where on the album its just the 6 of them, with no of the orchestra parts and a few less overdubs, and maybe boost Izzy in the mix, definitely remix the drums to sound better, a similar mix to the one Slash had, or release that I guess. I'd love 3 shows, but why not have a site, where you can pay to watch them, and upload remastered versions of all proshots they have, even maybe have a signing up fee, thin this idea has been suggested but it makes so much sense, dont know about the pricing im not a businessman
  4. Also Queens music label is owned by UMG (I think), so hopefully they have similar business practices, so hopefully digital qualities have been made
  5. You would hope that there would be some copy of any unreleased material in GNR or UMGs possession, although nowhere near as good as the masters hopefully a copy still exists Does anyone know if this is where the pro shot footage was stored?
  6. My only concern is that do they still have all the pro shots and demos still, as you saw with the 96 demos they don't necessarily keep everything in house and (correct me if I'm wrong) but the tapes were only collected after someone told management. I just hope they can still find all the stuff and that nothing has been thrown out or destroyed over the years, particularly in that fire
  7. At least if there are copies it means that we still have some backups
  8. Hopefully there were copies and nothing was completely lost forever
  9. At least if there is nothing is released (I think there will though), the least we should get is some interesting stuff in whatever box set it is released as a part of whenever it is released. That along with the contents it Axls vault, there is enough stuff in that vault for 10 lifetimes of releases, one day they will open the vault (hopefully!)
  10. As much as I resent aspects of the current GNR, this is standard business practice, if someone is copying or stealing something off you then you sue, don't know if it would have been my decision as it's all pretty inconsequential but I can see why they did it. Maybe that's what I resent GNR becoming commercialised, who knows
  11. Some rare half decent critiques mixed in with a lot of horseshit
  12. He may have/use multiple amps for the session and this amp maybe the only one that needed something doing to it and is therefore the only one mentioned in the post, the people who repair the amp aren't gonna know any details about what other amps he is gonna use (obviously) so they won't post about it, so we only heard about one amp when there will likely be multiple
  13. 7. Any of the first 5, it gets canned and it is shoved in Axls vault I don't think this will happen, nor do I want it to happen, but it's a possibility (sadly) given the previous history of the band and not releasing and hoarding stuff
  14. I see your point now, I still wish they could have him and Matt back on a permenant basis and learn to put up with Steven as impossible as that maybe but I can't see it happening
  15. Maybe they do get sick of him, maybe they don't, think the only people who really know are Axl Slash and Duff. I'm interested as what you mean as to him 'playing' the victim, I'll admit I've always felt sorry for him, yeah he made mistakes, enough to be kicked out of GNR, but I still feel sorry as from his point of view it is easy to see why he would feel abandoned, I don't really feel anyone came out looking good from the whole situation, I don't really know enough to know either way if he is right to play the victim. What's wrong with him being greateful though? Edit - as someone else has said I don't think the lineup changes have anything to do with his personality