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  1. Ritz 87 or Marquee 87 or Japan 88 or Melbourne 88 (Melbourne and Japan 88 have drum solos) and maybe Perkins Palace 87 (haven’t listened to it in a while)
  2. Always felt Adler would add that extra bit to that song to take it up a notch, think it would sound more similar but to brownstone and therefore sound better. As much as I love Sorums work on UYI, I always wonder what Adler would sound like on tracks like Bad Obsessions or Perfect Crime (I know they played it live in 86 but we only have a min clip from it, not enough to judge how he would sound playing the full song). Hopefully Axl n co are holding som great stuff back for the UYI box set
  3. Did anyone manage to get a rip off YouTube of the Ritz 91 incomplete proshot? also thanks to all the people on the forum and in various other places that help the GNR community get through these tough times
  4. I spoke to him in PM’s on this website, he stopped responding one day, i sent him 2 seperate PM’s and he never responded @AFDRR (I think it’s was, sorry if it wasnt him) what’s happened?
  5. Sadly I don’t think the person is active anymore, don’t know if the guy had a change of heart or what happened but I haven’t seen the person actually active on the forum in ages, from what I remember Litmus was going to transfer the tapes the person mentioned but at one point Litmus posted that at one point the person stopped responding on whatever they were using to communicate and it didn’t look like the tapes would ever be made public, however this could just be my bad memory (hopefully)
  6. at least he can now go to work on lyrics for a new GNR album (fingers crossed)
  7. demos

    I managed to find the mates rehearsals, thanks for the info Zombux and I’m gonna try to collect all the UYI stuff you listed
  8. demos

    I have recently began work on creating a definitive collection of AFD and UYI demos based on I was wondering if I could have some help with sourcing some of the demos, I cant find a master copy of the mates rehursals as mentioned in the link or a FLAC copy of "The Story vol.1/vol.2" or the Bill Pryce mixes of some UYI songs or the Nice Boys version from metal petals, I was wondering if I coulod have some help. I am planning on remastering certain tracks and releasing it at some point in August
  9. REQUEST - Metal Petals.

    Any chance of a PM?
  10. REQ: Ritz '91 proshot

    don’t mean to be a spoil sport but I put the link into https://youtubemp4.to/ it says that in the title the uploadr had put incomplete in the title, so unless this site is wrong it was likely incomplete, but could be wrong (hopefully), did or can anyone rip this off YouTube to be sure
  11. (REQ) Argentina 1993

    I managed to find it, it was on the post about the best versions of proshots it mentions how (for Argentina 93) litmus supposedly has a better and 1st gen version he is yet to release, time will tell whether this is true and whether it will ever see the light of day, all I know is I trust Litmus will do the right thing (if he even hasn’t it of course)
  12. (REQ) Argentina 1993

    Can’t remember who said it but it wasn’t litmus, hence why I wondered if it was untrue
  13. (REQ) Argentina 1993

    anyone know what happened to a tape litmus supposedly had of the 1st gen Uruguayan broadcast? (could be complete BS)
  14. metal pedals

    That’s a hell of a lot of knowledge, thanks for sharing it.
  15. metal pedals

    does anyone know where I could get the metal pedals bootleg please? https://www.discogs.com/Guns-N-Roses-Metal-Petals/release/1035335 any help much appreciated