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  1. As much as I resent aspects of the current GNR, this is standard business practice, if someone is copying or stealing something off you then you sue, don't know if it would have been my decision as it's all pretty inconsequential but I can see why they did it. Maybe that's what I resent GNR becoming commercialised, who knows
  2. Some rare half decent critiques mixed in with a lot of horseshit
  3. He may have/use multiple amps for the session and this amp maybe the only one that needed something doing to it and is therefore the only one mentioned in the post, the people who repair the amp aren't gonna know any details about what other amps he is gonna use (obviously) so they won't post about it, so we only heard about one amp when there will likely be multiple
  4. 7. Any of the first 5, it gets canned and it is shoved in Axls vault I don't think this will happen, nor do I want it to happen, but it's a possibility (sadly) given the previous history of the band and not releasing and hoarding stuff
  5. I see your point now, I still wish they could have him and Matt back on a permenant basis and learn to put up with Steven as impossible as that maybe but I can't see it happening
  6. Maybe they do get sick of him, maybe they don't, think the only people who really know are Axl Slash and Duff. I'm interested as what you mean as to him 'playing' the victim, I'll admit I've always felt sorry for him, yeah he made mistakes, enough to be kicked out of GNR, but I still feel sorry as from his point of view it is easy to see why he would feel abandoned, I don't really feel anyone came out looking good from the whole situation, I don't really know enough to know either way if he is right to play the victim. What's wrong with him being greateful though? Edit - as someone else has said I don't think the lineup changes have anything to do with his personality
  7. Harsh on Adler, what does constant lineup changes have to do with his drumming? Would say drugs have damaged his physical ability to drum for 3 hours, he sadly isn't reliable enough, maybe if his back didn't give way in 2016 we'd see more of him in GNR. I'd also say that Adlers drumming is better than Sorums, although technically Sorum maybe better, Adlers swing and sound defined GNR for me, I can't remember the quote exactly but even Izzy noted the change in sound for worse after they fired Steven. Matts drumming was bland on UYI (not always his fault like on NR) , better on TSI but still miles off of Adlers. However I'd still like to see Sorum play some songs again with GNR, but please not AFD songs, in my opinion he butchers songs like RQ just as much as Frank DOES. Maybe have him on for UYI songs on a consistent basis, and do the same for Steven?? Sadly I'd say it's unlikely either will return on a consistent basis
  8. It depends who is doing the striking, whether it is REAL GNR people or the same people who have been doing it for what feels like ages now, don't know how to tell the difference
  9. Have to say I cant see Steven lasting 3 hours straight on drums (sadly) but surely he could play a few songs every night, is he still touring with Adlers appetite on a consistent basis? With Izzy, there's only one man who knows what Izzy wants to do, Izzy. I hope we will see him, I think there were some negotiations for him to join The only thing we can do is wait n see what happens
  10. So is this one just from a news report as well then?
  11. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    dint Axl make a lot of the final decisions with the UYI albums?(not sure I could be wrong). Just because one person makes the final decisions doesn't mean the album wast written like a band (in my opinion), the other members still have an input, but not as big a one, its no way to lead a band in my opinion and a poor way to make an album, but I still think its a band
  12. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    (not necessarily an unpopular opinion but here goes) I think that although CD wasn't a true GNR album (there was only 1/5 of the original lineup left). I don't think it is correct to call it a solo project, the songs written were still composed like a band, riffs from Bucket e.c.t. and lyrics from Axl, although I dont think CD was a true GNR album, it should have been released as a new band, not under the banner of GNR, but who am I to judge Axls actions, its just what I think would have been more fitting to the GNR name
  13. If GNR headlined an important world event

    Not forgetting Rocket Queen with Slash's 15 min solo in the middle
  14. I don't think Axls voice was ready in some way, its really weird to try to explain but I think his voice wasn't ready to tour, by the 91 ritz show his voice was already getting strained, especially towards the end of the show. This may be because his voice itself wasn't ready or because axl himself wasn't ready mentally and that had some impact on his voice
  15. If there is no knew album this must be the closest we've come to a new GNR album since CD