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  1. I don't think Axls voice was ready in some way, its really weird to try to explain but I think his voice wasn't ready to tour, by the 91 ritz show his voice was already getting strained, especially towards the end of the show. This may be because his voice itself wasn't ready or because axl himself wasn't ready mentally and that had some impact on his voice
  2. If there is no knew album this must be the closest we've come to a new GNR album since CD
  3. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    ah i see, thanks for the update and all your great work
  4. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    ok thanks, seem to remember you saying you were gonna do some extra stuff with the audio and release another version with like 5.1 audio or something, must have mis-remembered it/made it up.
  5. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    Are you done with Tokyo 92 then?