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  1. Double Talkin' Jive

    The one with the extended intro is fabulous !!
  2. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    Sad...but true πŸ˜” Sad... but so true
  3. We can’t hear shit... bad sound, people talking over it...can be anything
  4. Good...I was missing a cover song
  5. Axl ls really in a good mood tonight, fun to watch Sounds great on Sorry
  6. Maybe they will switch it for a ACDC cover tonight 😬
  7. It needs to be replaced with anything else...
  8. Thx God, there's only two guitar players left in this band... Guitar solos are so boring... Don't miss the time when we have to hear Ashba, Bucket, Ron, Fortus, etc.
  9. Coma ending was not near perfect but still pretty good
  10. Axl seems to have fun tonight, great mood