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What is The Jungle?

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This new section of MYGNRFORUM is meant to serve as a destination for discussing post-GNR members and more argumentative subjects.

Also present is a place for memorabilia traders to peddle their wares ;)

The root directory will be for projects (primary or secondary) for all former GNR musicians. Izzy, Duff, Gilby, Steven, hell even Traci Guns, feel free to post your topics within this section of the forum.

For Slash related topics, please refer to his own section: Five O'Clock. Due to Slash's active schedule, we felt it necessary to give GNR's most famous axeman his own section.

Discussion of current GNR members and their side projects should be posted in the Discussion and News section. The D&N section is still used for GNR band topics, regardless of era.

More combative and opinion-based discussions should be posted Civil War, where topics receive less moderation (though etiquette rules still apply).

We're open to making changes if certain things aren't working with these sections. So please bear with us while we try to improve the user experience at MYGNRFORUM.


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