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Figured there might be some self-wheelers and dealers out there with respect to investing and trading.  

Anyone handle their own investments?

Got a hot stock recommendation?  

I've been handling my own investments for the last three years.  I was up 50 percent in 2016, 148 percent in 2017, and so far in 2018 I'm up 235 percent.  My big splash was three years ago when I bought weed stocks before they took off.

Lately I took a small flier on NIO, the Tesla of China when it launched on Wednesday.  Bought it at $5.85 and it's been bobbling around $10-$13 in its third day of trading.  

This morning I bought shares in Principia Biopharma at $27.10 and sold six hours later at $35.15.  

I'm looking at Eventbrite's IPO next week as another opportunity to invest.

Anyway, anyone interested in any of this feel free to discuss.  

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