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I Am Sophie (horror web series/ARG)

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I've been watching this web series called I Am Sophie for several weeks now so I thought I'd share it here. It starts off as a spoof/parody of a typical YouTube influencer (think RiceGum) who has a load of money, flaunts it, shows how glamours her life is, etc. Then it starts to get really dark and really strange quickly. It is also an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) which means this series is also multimedia. It utilizes Twitter, Instagram and all of that to expand the story/lore. I'm not participating in the ARG aspect but it's fun to read these theories and see people cracking codes. Anyways here's all of the videos so far. They're pretty short.








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This series is now on a huge level of "What The Fuckery?" Not that it wasn't before but holy shit. I guess I'm the only one here following this LOL

POP goes the WEASEL


i can see you all


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