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  1. More than a few comments on YouTube so far saying people think I made a good case for it needing to be 2 albums
  2. Thanks again to anyone taking the time to watch the video in the first post. It's getting a lot of positive feedback so far
  3. Oh, one more thing: I shot this video back in May but I forgot about it until a few weeks ago. So I figured why not just put it on near the UYI anniversary
  4. I hope you enjoyed the twist ending too. Please don't spoil it 😂
  5. Right on, thanks! Yeah, when I say "causal fan" I mean exactly the people you mentioned. People who've never actually took an in depth listen to the albums yet feel qualified to say "it definitely would have been one great album without all the filler".
  6. Thank you very much for watching, dropping the like and the comment on the video. I really appreciate it
  7. 😂 I can tell from the comments in the thread who's actually taken the time to watch the video. Thanks to those who do watch
  8. This video is aimed more at casual fans who always say Use Your Illusion could've easily been just one album. Posting it here because I'll take all the views, subscribers, comments and likes I can get from the GN'R community Also, I know that everyone on this board probably has an opinion on this. Do me a favor (please) and watch the video then drop a like and maybe a comment on it. Subscribe if you're into vinyl records, if not, no biggie
  9. New video premiering this morning. I don't know if you guys have heard of this band, so this one may not interest you.
  10. Just started listening to UYI straight through. And yes, of course on vinyl
  11. Isn't that insane? I mentioned something casually to my wife. She ran to the store, grabbed a few things and turned out shirt that look better than GN'R can....
  12. I'm heading downstairs in a few minutes to kick off my Friday night spin. I'm going front to back on all 4 LPs of UYI to start the night!
  13. Seriously, those long sleeve UYI shirts are ugly as hell. They look like they were designed by a 4 year old in MS Paint. The hat is the only thing that's decent but the pricing makes it a no go.
  14. One might think "how do you fuck up the anniversary of such monumental albums?" Well, you start by being GN'R.
  15. I'm not gonna be all "glad I didn't make the drive!" because I probably would've had a great time at the show HS or no HS. Even though we all expected GN'R to do something we perceived as right and they didn't, I hope everyone that went still had a great time. That is really weird, honestly.
  16. I've got a video about UYI coming to my vinyl YouTube channel tomorrow but I thought I'd share some memories that are not in that video. I'll make a thread for the video tomorrow when it's live My two favorite memories involve just before and the day the albums were released. One memory is the first time I heard You Could Be Mine. My dad was a truck driver, so he had a car phone. And by "car phone", I mean the big black box thing that barely fit between the two front seats of our family van. My dad took the phone with him when he drove truck, but it would be in the family van when he wasn't on the road. We were reminded constantly to never touch it because calls were outrageous in price. So my mom was shopping in a store once and I was just sitting in the car listening to the local pop station. The car phone rang and I when answered my brother was yelling "TURN ON WRIF! TURN ON WRIF! THEY'RE PLAYING THE NEW GUNS N ROSES!". So I flipped over to WRIF and caught YCBM around the first chorus. My brother and I sat on the line together being like "THIS IS AMAZING! WHAT A JAM! OH MY GOD!". It was only after the song that we both realized we were going to be executed by our parents because of a $50 phone call lol. My second memory sucked when it happened but it's funny to look back on now, especially since my mom has passed away. The day UYI came out, I got my mom to take me to Sound Warehouse. There was a big floor standee with both CDs on it. I grabbed both and went to the register. When we got to the register, my mom noticed the Parental Advisory stickers. My mom HATED the F word and immediately asked me if they said it on the album. I was like "well they didn't say it on their first album" lol. She asked the guy at the register if they said the F word on the album and he looked at me while I was standing behind my mom. I gave him this look of desperation like "please say no, please say no, please say no". He said "they're really not my thing so I haven't heard these albums but I know Axl swears a lot in concert, so maybe that's what they mean". My mom confirmed that she could return them if they said the F word and the guy said no problem. BOOM. I finally owned UYI. Here comes the problem. When we got in the car, I was dying to hear new GN'R music. I'd already heard Civil War at some point. So I put UYI I in...... what a stupid decision LOL. So you know what happened about half way through the song. As it was happening I was like "noooooooo" and my mom said "this is FILTH" then she did a U turn right there in the middle of a very busy road. Like......action movie car driver style U turn LOL. The tires on the car were squealing lol. Back to Sound Warehouse we went. My mom went in, slammed the CDs down on the counter, confirmed for the sales person that they were, in fact, filth, then got her money back. So I owned UYI for approximately 2 minutes on the day of release. This was devastating on that day but again, I can totally look back and laugh at it now. I had a friend from school tape his CDs for me a couple days later, which I promptly labeled "Paula Abdul" and "Pebbles" (two current pop artists at the time) and only played with my headphones on. Long winded post, but hopefully someone finds it entertaining. I'll post the video about the albums in general tomorrow
  17. It's all good by me. I'm just going back to not caring. It was great that they did Absurd and I do like that. On top of that, the last few weeks have been a blast on the forum since then. But I can't sit around obsessing about a band that refuses to release music to its fans. So if they ever release more music, cool. If not, that's cool too.
  18. I just said "swing and a miss Axl" because it was the first time I heard the song and a real mess of a version lol
  19. Hey, back in 02 they did 4 Chinese songs in a row in Detroit, including Riad. So stranger things have happened!
  20. Fuck. I have to work in about 12 hours. Guess I'll check back then when RQ ends.
  21. I'd love for them to bring Pretty Tied Up back.
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