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  1. If you are a fan of Snyders tone and vision you're gonna love the Snyder cut, it's a LOT, LOT, LOT more of the stuff you like. It's definitely a better film than Whedons version of the Justice League (that is a low bar to clear mind) and expands on characters backstories, context and motivations as it should do in its 4 hour runtime. For me it was still mediocre as its bloated and massively overindulgent, amped everything Snyder does to 11, your enjoyment may just come down to if your a Snyder fan or not.
  2. The quarter final tie will be interesting to say the least. It will be a demonstration of his talents, and we will get to see how good he really is, perspective window shopping.
  3. Sky n BT are a joke, 14.95 a match!! Fuckoff! In what world is that value for money.
  4. Bayern were great, Barca were a shambles though. They need a complete overhaul if they want to get anywhere in Europe again.
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