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  1. https://www.facebook.com/tomzutautmvhyundai/ GO buy a car! Watch his last live stream around the last 5 min mark
  2. I'm stepping away. I don't need the legal trouble again. 400 CDS are real located in TN/GA somewhere
  3. 400 more Village Cds are in the hands of one person. The hard drive was real... Bird never got it once the media picked up the story. Go buy a car in Georgia for more info. Zutaut lost his storage locker for $100. The Storage unit never called to inform Zutaut. Bird got the locker and made over 100k. Now the Storage company has a lawsuit
  4. That picture came Bird. He sent me pictures of paintings, Song list, and told me about the hard drive with over 600 songs. He didn't pay 100K on the locker. I was actually informed that he made close or over 100K off the locker.
  5. I'm not speaking about the DAT tapes. Robert Bird had the village cds. He also as well got a hard drive that was in the locker. The hard drive contains over 600 tracks . I know tracks like Zodiac, Tonto, Oklahoma, and Elvis are among those in that batch with vocals
  6. Robert E Bird the original purchaser of the locker. told me and others that he has over 600 tracks of rehearsals and unreleased music on a hard drive. Also calms to have rehearsal videos from the village.
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