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  1. Which is ironic for all the anti-compression people, because, do you know what you need to do to get a snare drum to sound like it does on UYI if you aren't using samples? My god slam those things -infinity gain reduction.
  2. Yeah, John Feldmann has live drums but people who work in his studio say unless it's Travis Barker, the drums are Superior Drummer. To make a competitive commercial mix, you almost *have* to have drum samples either supporting or replacing. Your drummer has to be absolutely world class to get away with not doing it these days, guys who hit 127 midi velocity irl. The number of those in existence are small, and somehow appear to all be in prog metal bands or gospel. Otherwise, you are getting sample supplemented or replaced, because your mix will sound weird, thin, and dated. And this has been the case for 30 years. There are analog units used in the 90's that contain shell samples used on classic hit records. This is far from new. The amount of things that are programmed these days would astound you. The bass modelers these days are even incredible (personally love Submission Audio's punkbass and djinnbass). It's just what it is, and if your heroes had all this stuff back then, ways to make their mixes even better and hit harder, they would do it, too.
  3. There is nothing more amusing than people who know nothing about mixing or producing complaining about things being copied and pasted or things being compressed or drum replacement etc. THE SOLO TO STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN WAS CUT AND PASTED TOGETHER FROM DIFFERENT TAKES. DRUMS HAVE HAD SAMPLE REPLACEMENT/SUPPORT SINCE THE 80'S. Loudness/compression wars started in the late 90's, but really with the advent of the CD. Your favorite records contain all the things you are whining about.
  4. My guy, if you knew how music has been recorded over the past 20-30 years, you would be very disappointed.
  5. Oh, man. My guy. The feel on it, I get it, word, but best drummer? Yikes.
  6. The only tough thing about the Mercurial is that it is BRUTAL on CPU. I try to get the tone quick and print with it when tracking/mixing so I'm not having multiple instances of it in a session. But the GGD zilla cabs are great, too, covers all sorts of ground.
  7. You ever mess with GGD's Zilla cabs? IT's based off of Zilla cabinets, obviously, but they include v30's and differet mics that if you use the 4x12 they have in there, with the v 30's, and then just copy the mics from the Eric Valentine video on recording Slash, you can get pretty darn close. Pair it with the Mercuriall Spark amp sim and you're about there. I swear the Mercuriall is the absolute best emulation of the Slash signature amp, even better than the officially licensed one from amplitube.
  8. I was about to say lowkey, but since the village leaks it has become more or less understood that Josh Freese was the best drummer to ever cross GnR's path.
  9. ughhhhhhhhh in the US can't find it anywhere this is one I was *really* hoping they would release. Generally seeing positive reviews, at least this one *sounds* like a gnr song. Can't wait til it is out here
  10. Hey gang, I was wondering if anyone knew where some slash multitracks or isolated guitar tracks from his more recent output? I have a way of making guitar cab IR's from such tracks and was hoping to make a good modern slash cab.
  11. Exactly this. It was so out of place, because that was absolutely not a sloppy sleazy band. Just about everything about that lineup was world class except for DJ. Even Richard as the rhythm player, his technical chops absolutely lapped DJ. I remember reports of the band being cruel to Ron for god knows what reasons, it’s so weird that *he* was the one who got shit, not the hot topic manager bedroom guitar player.
  12. At least with Slash’s improv, there is a chance of the solo turning out well. Ashba was an embarrassment. I’m not a fan of his music, but objectively he is a successful songwriter with Sixx:AM. But as a lead guitar player in a world touring band, particularly playing the guitar parts of one of the most iconic and legendary guitarists in rock n roll, I mean I’ve seen kids with epiphone les pauls and first act combo amps play Slash solos better. To this day I do not understand the calculus of him being in the band.
  13. My final conclusion: as the first comeback single from my favorite lineup of my favorite band in 30ish years, it’s disappointing. But if you let yourself have fun with it, it’s pretty damn fun.
  14. There is no wrong reaction to this. Any claim to be made about it can be defended. It truly is absurd.
  15. The strangest part about this isn't just that it was some weird 20 year old leftover track that got eworked, but it was a weird 20 year old leftover track and Axl only sings for two lines with it drowned in effects and synths. The only way the average person would have a clue this had anything to do with GNR is the random wails. ...but I respect it? I truly have no idea what I think, it changes every minute.
  16. This does make me want to hear Slash and Duff lift Atlas, Perhaps, and Hard School
  17. In some instances, I'm perfectly fine with that. Atlas, Perhaps, hard school, that would be great to have fully mixed and mastered with Slash and Duff. But it probably means we will have to go through a couple of these. I will say, it is weirdly infectious.
  18. This is truly the definition of a polished turd.
  19. But the Slash and Duff of it all makes a significant difference, plus it being a full on mixed and mastered track. It is far more guitar-driven, Slash sounds great on it.
  20. I still can't believe of the vast swath of songs, this is the one the redid. This is probably the best possible version of it that could possibly exist, but Jesus.
  21. It is a vast vast vast improvement over what it was. It becoming more guitar-driven salvaged what was truly a... Not great song. But this is a super God damn weird choice for a “comeback” single. Axl isn't even technically singing at any point other than the bridge, where his voice is so modulated it hardly registers in the sea of synths. Slash is great on it, though.
  22. I actually like silkworms, don't mind the verses, Slash's feel adds an element to it that avtually makes it sound like GN'R, but I did not imagine they could find a worse chorus to the song until I heard Axl yell "ABSURD!"
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