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  1. It's more than likely a 100% legit European promo that some twat has stuck a Hebrew "promo sticker" on to and priced accordingly. Looks pretty real to me. I don't collect GNR anymore but I've bumped into many Israeli "promos" of RHCP cds - they have just been the European/US promo with a shitty sticker on the front. Probably all being sold by the same guy - I certainly wouldn't pay any extra for one considering it's just a piece of paper stuck on to the jewel case. Would be nice if someone with knowledge of Hebrew could shed some light onto what it says. Discogs is a great resource but it's not that helpful when it comes to scarce promos - doesn't help that it's a ballache trying to add a release to the site.
  2. Great work on this thread, very informative! Big thanks to zombux for all his efforts! I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask the question but does anyone have more information on the Alan Niven cds that were released back in 2005 or whenever it was? I've finally got around to sorting out all my old downloads and I was hoping to slot in the Alan Niven material in with the Appetite remaster. I have the program 'Spek' on my laptop so I decided to run the files through there and it shows that the FLAC files I have cut off at 16 kHz, indicating that their true bitrate is something like 128 kbps. Now, I'm not ungrateful - to hear these tracks is amazing. I'm just looking for any information on whether the files were ever truly lossless when they were shared. Going by the pictures from the ebay listings they look like your average early 2000s home mixtape cds so I'm doubtful that the original source cds were lossless. I also checked the Q Sound and Ruff UYI mixes and they're truly lossless, which is awesome. I haven't checked the Niven Marquee files yet but I assume they'll be lossy just like the CORNCHUCKER, JUMPIN' AX FLASH and UNDER MY HEAL releases. Thanks in advance for any additional info!
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