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  1. I wanna live in the timeline where Slash got buzzed in and the reunion happened in 2006.
  2. That's... really f'n cool. Fuck man how is the original Tokyo '92 still the best quality concert for this band... it comparatively sounds and looks like absolute trash at this point. WHAT ARE WE DOING PEOPLE AHHHH
  3. Yeah no we're on the same page. What I mean is, given the poor track record of GNR with fan relations and media releases, I'm just surprised the forum still floods with people when new stuff manages to trickle out. Surprised they haven't exhausted the good will of more casual fans.
  4. Even speaking as someone who frequents a GNR forum, I'm blown away by the amount of sustained fan interest in this kind of thing.
  5. Haha. Probably. Although... there's a heck of a lot of photos of Slash with his towel hair setup: Anyway, not to derail this important conversation .
  6. Someone just needs to take a pressure washer to DJ. If you could just blast away the Ashba water, the swag, the glitter guitars and hair dye and all the perfectly positioned bangs and accessories, factory ripped and patched clothing... just get some levis and a sunburst and bare your soul, baby. Well, do what you want.... but the fucking Hollywood Vampires, Sixx AM aesthetic... where the fuck did it come from... it's like a post-apocalyptic sunset strip crypt keeper vibe. So many fucking layers of shitty clothing paired with mascara. They all look like they just smell f'n rank.
  7. Pitman was like Giga-Dizzy... his final form you defeat Dizzy in battle and then he comes back as Pitman... now he has *four* keyboards hanging all over the fuckin place, a leather vest becomes the full haight ashbury leather daddy ensemble, bongos give way to fifty layers of sub bass for all the canines in the audience
  8. Yeah that blues solo spot that surfaced in the fall I think? That was amazing. I feel like maybe he was crying about the band dynamic through song. I almost teared up.
  9. I'm glad you're here to dispense the objective GNR truths!
  10. I agree! I don't care who the drummer is at this point (except for a special AFD fueled love for Adler), I just care about the sound... Like Sorum, especially if he was playing like he did on the UYI tour, I could take or leave him. But his playing really evolved through VR and his GNR approach just sounds good. It is heavy handed... but in a satisfying sounding way. He's not coming back so it's a non-starter but... just for comparison sake. For some reason Frank sounds tiring (??) to listen to, heavy like Sorum but not tight (but not... groovy either) -- I'm a guitarist, not a drummer
  11. Wow that's sick I never saw that. Frank really seems to be channeling the original Izzy recording even more than he did in earlier tours -- even has a Tele! That's the contrast you want.
  12. How about NITL vs recent Conspirators? Do you find his tone differs there, too?
  13. Bands aren't entitled to slavish praise just like fans aren't "entitled" to content. None of this is necessary and nobody is entitled to shit. But how come Slash can pull this off? But GUNS N' F'N ROSES can't.
  14. The critical responses are fueled by an underlying massive love for GNR. Its just doesn’t sound good. This is music, so that’s an issue. This is one of the richest, largest, most storied bands in history. People don’t hang around this forum to hand out participation ribbons to Fernando. Props to him getting some points on the board, but pointing out this is the absolute floor of the potential of NITL media releases and quality is just the truth. People come here for the different points of view.
  15. That sounded like a lumbering snarling beast putting Argentina up against a wall. In the best way.
  16. I don't have any idea! haha... but it's not like this is the reunion of Jet. GNR is a bigger touring enterprise than Metallica, yet Metallica has seemingly dozens of great sounding full shows online. Anyway, they can invest what they want in their band... s'all good.
  17. Is it really a big task to throw them to a sound engineer for a day to get them sounding more like an actual concert? Like... just hearing the bass guitar, maybe? For a multi-hundred million dollar enterprise? I feel the same way . Don't wanna be negative... But.... it sounds like shit! Separate from the actual performance. I watch GNR vids all the time... I'll never watch this one again! Mission accomplished? Props for trying, I suppose! Listen to that... its just a webcast, not a concert DVD... with a paltry 2 million views. Sounds infinitely better
  18. I don't think the issue is Slash's tone so much as the mix. There's no bass? The drums have no life to them. the f. Cut to a static camera behind the audience.... baaaaaaah
  19. I like the approach. It's not like he's Eddie Trunk... and I mean that in a good way. No use trying to nail Frank's ass to the wall (or any of the guests) or put him in a position that he obviously can't speak to -- regardless of your opinion of him in the band. Asking him about Steven is just kinda offside, imo. If Slash / Axl / Duff skirt the issue, why are we gonna press Frank? We shouldn't view him as a means to an end... that's why I wanna know his fav song to play and how his dynamic with Slash and Duff worked.... the tempo.... LET'S GET TO KNOW HIM! And maybe him knowing the
  20. Did you get the AFD 5.1 channel mixes for guitar practice? Track those down! You get the slash track isolated and the izzy track -- very fun!
  21. Ask Frank how his playing relationship w/ Duff has evolved.... if Slash and Duff made him reorient his approach to the classic songs. Also, who decides the tempo? Was that an actual concrete conversation about how fast they wanted to be? What’s his favorite song to play?
  22. Brownstone is a highlight on that uneven a.f. CD. Izzy's rhythm is so cool under Slash's solo...Nice leaned out tone, just choppin it up.
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