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  1. They should even live stream this on a tv channel that can be seen internationally. Guns n roses are one of biggest bands of all time have fans in every country and it seems unfair that only a select few basically American fans, who have tickets to Coachella , will get to see this. At the least it should be filmed and aired on MTV or Sky arts at a later date. Axl, Slash and Co should work out a deal for it to be filmed and aired as hardly any of the fans can be there.

  2. I'm kinda bummed we never got more Axl songs. I think even "Axl the solo artist" career is one of the most interesting careers that never was! Chidem was obviously his baby and it's what I imagine an Axl solo album to lean towards. It's just a pity he isn't a prolific writer like Stevie Nicks for example and release several solo albums. Now that he seems to be entering a new chapter then hopefully someday he''ll do it like a piano/acoustic guitar album or instrumental like he suggested.

  3. GNR without the Popcorn/Duff rhythm section is too 'white' sounding. Steven brought a soulful almost motown like feel to the band with his playing.

    This. Izzy was right. Gnr lost that great rhythm sections when Steven left. There is no point going to the trouble of Bringing them all back wfor Coachella ithout getting the feel of the music right and Steven is the only one who can do this. Steven is hugely underrated as a drummer and his role in Gnr. He's been overshadowed by personalities in the media of Axl and Slash and because he was only with them for a few years. Listen to him play the songs at the hall of fame few years ago and his playing style suits Gnr so much better.

    Those appetite songs would never have sounded as good without his innate sense of feel and groove. Listen to Led Zep and Fleetwood mac members without Bonham and Mick Fleetwood for example and the music doesn't swing half as much. Great musicians like Jimmy Page for example all know innately and have said that you need a great drummer for a band to be great and to click-the foundation has to be right. They should definitely work out a deal with Steven that he plays on some of the songs at the least. It could be a way of setting boundaries with him like "this your chance Steven to prove you can pull it together so we will bring you out and let you play on a few songs. So he can prove himself wto the guys with regard to not falling back to his old ways of addictions". Then if he gets through it ok at Couchella it looks like he can be trusted to tour.

  4. Axl is not attending Kimmel because he got nervous. Sounds childish but he's not ready to field questions about Slash, the closer it got to airtime the more Axl psyched himself out.

    When you think about it, it would be nerve wrecking.

    Most likely this. Instead of him appearing live in person to speak watch for his long worded letter in the coming weeks explaining why he's doing the reunion.

  5. I agree, I could imagine any other person but Axl agreeing to this based on what he said. He was great 2010 and most of 2011 and when I saw him in 2012 the crowd loved him and he was fantastic. However I think 2014 there were signs of tiredness and burnout as someone said here. He said in his last published interview that he's tired of being seen as the "outlaw" or something to that effect. Axl is a very sensitive and insecure guy, he wants approval and to be liked and he hates the way he's portrayed in the media even if he has caused some of it with his notorious late arrivals etc.. It's obvious by reuniting the old line-up that he wants to redeem himself in the public eye and he's always been tired of being blamed for the split.

    I think it all caught up to him in last 2 years and he decided to make amends. He never got over Slash. I can only imagine the behind the scenes conversations with Slash! Maybe they finally went to therapy as Marc Canter suggested! Who knows what happened! I think it's too much of a coincidence that this happened after Slash divorced Perla!

  6. So Dj and Bumbefoot left suddenly, now Tommy doesn't know what's going on! I just can't imagine Axl envisioned this 3 years ago when he did that Eddie Trunk interview with DJ proudly by his side talking about how he was happy with the line-up, same with Kimmel. There was no sign that this was the end of the band last year.

    It's been 7 years since the last album, I think it's time Axl explained why there's no new album and no band now. I understand him not knowing what's happening with band, label or if this is a limbo situation for Axl or whatever but when you have no new album for 7 years and all the current members suddenly leaving, after a 20 year wait for the last album, it's getting ridiculous. I like all fans here really wanted to hear nugnr music, CD II, Axl solo type stuff but this ship has sailed now-it's getting stupid! He might as well get back with original gnr members coz he sure as hell isn't working on or releasing any music so what's the point? either release music by 2016 or don't at all. He's a singer/musician who doesn't release music. Love Axl when I saw him in concert but I just don't know any band in the world that doesn't write and release music together or give updates about it online.

  7. Great post. The moderators do a great job on this forum.

    And now you will get all the likes by the mods.

    I mainly agree with the moderators saying that it's ok to complain about band at times when it's justifiable but not to be aggressive like telling Fernando or someone to fuck off. I don't care if people love what the band do or not. It's ok to agree to disagree on any topic here. It's not about getting likes by the mods.

    I guess after seeing this thread, there are less chances of him returning. But yeah we should act civil towards with each other, using abusive language will just create negativity.

    It won't matter that much if he will return or not, life moves on, IF something has to happen, then it will happen.

    I know the frustration of the fans, all I can say is that just don't see him as a Manager of GNR, just see him as some random guy who just knows stuff which he won't tell, I guess all we can get from him some interesting facts about the CD tour which is happening since 2001, maybe about some past shows, about bucket or Robin and things like that.


  8. "In the land of no news and total disrespect, cracking jokes and bashing is what has killed time for over a decade."

    This quote says it all. It's nothing to do with gnr or Axl. It doesn't matter what genre or who it is for example Slash, Britney Spears, or say Adele- look if they released very little music and commincated rarely with fans then their fans would be doing the same. Slash's fans get to discuss his music on their boards coz he makes albums regularly. If Axl released music every 4 years or so then there would be something to talk about. You can't discuss 12 songs for over 10 years. It's obvious that people are complaining coz of lack of music and justifiably. It's a hard band to support. Fernando understands this and actually I feel sorry for the guy. I sensed his own frustration at not being able to share more and move the band forward. I was surprised at him saying he's gotten ideas at how to improve things from here. It opened by eyes to TB. I genuinely think now that they are doing the best they can but Axl is the stumbling block. He won't move forward. I got the sense that Axl is difficult to deal with. At one point Fernando said he gets pissed off at him at times. Did anyone else sense that with Fernando?

  9. I've been trying to avoid getting involved in this, but I couldn't resist. So here is hopefully my only tirade on the subject.

    I take your point. Perhaps we should lock it up again.

    I don't personally know why Fernando joined the thread or what he hoped to gain from it but I do know that if we don't show a willingness to communicate civilly (and yes it goes both ways) then we have zero chance of being informed when there is something to say. At which point people will continue to moan that we are told nothing.

    It might lead to nothing given past experience but if we can't be prepared to play nice ourselves then the concept of hateful, undeserving fans will remain as a reason to explain why we are kept in the dark. Remove that reason then the legitimate complaints the fan base have hold more weight and perhaps criticism can be viewed with more justification.

    Completely disagree with this. It is not the fans job to initiate and promote band activity. It is the fans job to go to shows, buy CDs/MP3's, buy shirts, talk about the band, etc.. The fans have done their part (and more!) over the last 20 years. The "band" (does anyone really think this is a band anymore?) has failed miserably. Like you said, "it goes both ways," except for the last 20 years, it's only been going one way......

    Management is going to withhold news because some fans on MyGNR are pissed and rude? If that's the case, that's a fucked up business model. SoulMonster covered this pretty well already: Harsh criticism from patrons of your product should not be a disincentive to productivity; quite the opposite if you want to be taken seriously.

    And even more lol at the "if we're well behaved, we'll get news:" Remember that MyGNR exclusive, 2-3 new songs in last year's touring? :rolleyes:

    And alfie, I really do like your posts, but I can't believe you used the term "undeserving fans." Are some of them pissed? Yeah. Hateful at times even? Maybe some. But no one who signs up on a GNR forum to talk about the band is "undeserving" of news.

    Put it this way: you're the CEO of a major corporation, you have 20,000 investors owning public stock. The COO and CFO quit within months of each other after 7 years of no new products...... and there's still not any substantive news nor are there any press releases. Is it unreasonable for the people who have put their time and money into this organization to be quite pissed?

    I don't think Mags comment was out of line since GNR/management themselves told their fans that they must either get on board or fuck off. That's not very nice.

    Agreed. We're (mostly) all adults here, why can't we tell someone to "fuck off?" Mags wasn't being malicious or provocative; it was a disgruntled response. Now if mags had said, "fuck you, you bitch" or something like that - I'd be more understanding of the moderation.


    I agree and disagree with several of the points you raise. I do agree that it's not the fans' job to initiate and promote band activity. It's not the fans role to act professionally. We're fans. We're suppose to do one thing: enjoy what the band gives us so long as we like it. That's it. And if we're being frank, what little the band has given us fans hasn't been great the past few years. No new music, no communication as to where the band stands, departing band members, less than stellar shows, etc. As a fanbase, we're well past skeptical, long behind cynicism, and have entered into disgruntled if not hostile territory. We've been asked to believe and support a band that has given us many false starts and poor implementation of years ("Round ;1" "there will be music this year;" "there are 13 Tuesday left this year," "March 6, 2007" tentative album release, and if there's a delay, "you will be notified;" no comment on the departures of Robin, DJ and a late response to Ron's departure, "two to three new songs," etc). So who we are and where we are as a fanbase isn't lost on the mod staff here and it may surprise most that it isn't lost by GNR management.

    Where we need to clarify matters is on your following points. No, management isn't going to withhold news because some fans on this forum or other forums are pissed and rude. Management is going to withhold news because I would assume they've learned their lessons on what happens when you promise something and then fail to deliver. With an artist is erratic as Axl, even the best prepared plans can go to hell quickly for reasons only Axl can (but often doesn't) explain. I've spoken with Fernando and he gets it in terms of criticisms. He even told me that many of the ideas and feedback this forum and others provide are valid and worth listening to. Trust me when I say that news isn't dependent on how well we all behave. I'm sorry if Alfie gave you that impression, but that's now how this band operates. They're not waiting around until everyone here says something nice about Axl to call up the record company and tell them to come pick up the next GNR album.

    Where I disagree is how you interpreted Alfie's comment on "undeserving fans." She didn't say that there were undeserving fans, but was arguing about the concept, or, as I would put it, the narrative. I agree, no one here is an undeserving fan (at least 99 percent to the people here, that Dazey deserves jack shit :P) What she's talking about is the narrative that sometimes gets perpetuated by some of the excessively mean-spirtited comments made here and other fans. As I mentioned previously, this isn't an easy band to be a fan of and support. To go all Yoda for a moment: frustration leads to disappointment, disappointment leads to anger, and anger leads to hate. And we've gotten to the point where valid criticisms of the band, Axl, and management at times gets bathed in mean-spirited, hateful, and vulgar language. What myself and the staff are attempting to do is dial the needle back a bit so that frustrations and feelings of disappointment have a place be expressed without spilling over into a tone that no supposed online fan community should accept. Want to express your frustration and disappointment about Axl's latest performance or how the band fails to communicate with fans? Have at it. Want to call Axl a fat asshole because of it? No. I also want to avoid a situation found at other forums where criticisms of the band are immediately greeted by a condescending response by forum staff. You shouldn't be made to feel small because you take issue with what's going on (or not going on) with the band (but at the same time, you shouldn't be made to feel like a naive idiot for expressing a positive sentiment about the band). I acknowledge that this is a bit of a policy shift that hasn't been well communicated by myself, but it's a move I think this forum needs. But ultimately what this shift allows us to do is combat the narrative that all this forum permits and promotes is hate. As tired and frustrated as I am with the band's inactivity, I'm also tired of reading some really vile filth about a band we're all suppose to be a fan of. That's the narrative I want to combat, not the reality of undeserving fans because as I said, other than Dazey (j/k), no one here is undeserving.

    As for Mags' one day suspension (and let's keep in mind it was for one day, some are acting like he was banned outright), we don't normally address reprimands of members but I'll make an exception here. I do so because it underscores much of what I'm addressing in this post. It's one thing to say "fuck off" in a flippant, casual manner (Len says it in response to things he doesn't believe), it's another to tell someone that they "can fuck off" under the context of telling another person off (and then following it up by calling a person a derogatory name). Context matters.

    But that's all besides the point. Here's what happens if we did nothing: a) it gives the impression that it's okay for others to tell Fernando or anyone else off because they disagree with something they say; b) once others start telling Fernando to fuck off and we're forced to step in because it gets out of hand, then we're accused of playing favourites because we did nothing when Mags did it. Let's acknowledge that there is a ton of frustration and anger towards the band and that many would love an opportunity to tee off on someone connected if given the chance. We're simply not going to allow the forum to serve as a springboard for that purpose. Maybe you and others are fine with a forum where we allow others to clog up threads in nasty pissing matches but myself, the staff, and others are not. It will ultimately result in a lot more work for a staff that doesn't get paid and does volunteers their time to make this forum work.

    Furthermore, MYGNRFORUM members for years have been asking for greater communication with the band and its management. We finally have a member of management stop by and willing to start an informal and casual dialogue with the fanbase. Sure, many felt that the communication and information provided by Fernando was light, inconsistent, and underwhelming. But many others enjoyed having him here and several people were able to get some of their questions answered. So for one person to think he can tell Fernando where to go is, in my opinion, a extremely selfish act. It's as if he didn't care what kind of an effect his outburst would have on others simply because he felt slighted. Were some of the things Fernando said somewhat hyperbolic and worthy of being challenged? Certainly. But as Facekicker illustrated with his post (as have others), there is a far more appropriate way to respond. And it's not as though numerous warnings weren't given by myself and other members of the staff. We explicitly stated that criticisms were fine but to please be respectful. Admittedly we supervised that thread far more than we do the rest of the site, but considering the context and how it affects all members of the forum, it was more than justified. Recall that yourself and other members only have to consider your own thoughts and feelings. Admins and moderators have to consider the welfare of the forum as a whole.

    Great post. The moderators do a great job on this forum.

  10. I don't think it has fallen apart in flames. The last few years he has been successfully touring. People are still buying tickets to Gnr shows. He did a great show in Dublin arena when I saw him couple of years ago. Regarding new music yes of course that has stalled unfortunately but I think if he gets back into it he can still write a great album. The general public or rock music audience still love Axl. When Axl went on Kimmel there was nothing but positive praise on twitter from people being surprised he's actually a nice guy and has a sense of humour about himself! Same with the revolver rewards-they not only gave him a huge award but the audience loved him when he walked up to receive it. More people or rooting for him than not. Alot if the negativity towards Axl stopped years ago except for the late starts of course!

  11. Yes, and for no good reason. It's not true that fans are unforgiving of plans not being followed through. Axl promised a new album throughout 2006, but that didn't happen. The difference is Axl released a letter at the end of 2006 explaining why it hadn't come out, and the fans were happy that Axl had simply bothered to give them an update. No one was pissed off.

    I think things are alot more complicated now than back in 2006. The whole Azoff lawsuit thing etc.. Maybe he thinks if he tells the fans the truth then his words will be used against him by others in a lawsuit? is this possible? I still think he could word it carefully so that the fans get the hint as to what's stopping new music without fully saying everything? I hope he writes an autobigraphy one day

  12. Hey Fernando,

    I actually have a question about your position as manager of a major 'legacy' music act. How often do you get offers to play private events such as the wedding in France? Do you decide which events are the right fit for GNR or is the money the only thing that matters? Does the entire crew make the trip for a private event?

    To be clear I am not asking these questions to call anyone a sellout, I could care less. You are in a very unique position and you are the only manager I could potentially get an answer from haha. I have so many questions your actual 'management' of the band than the band itself.

    We get offers to play private events, such as Compaq, HP, Google, etc.. However, it all really depends on the look. How many people, where it is, and what it is for. We rarely entertain such offers, as they are usually not good timing. Essential crew only. If it's the entire band, usually 2 techs for the band members, a few sound guys.

    The wedding we played in France was for a friend and all lined up nicely, however I felt bad for the crew that day, as we had just finished a show in spain and we were on our way to Mallorca when we had to make a last minute decision to play the wedding.

    So how are you doing Fernando? Having a nice day? It's pretty nice here. About 80 degrees, sunny, not too humid. My parents bout a new house so that's nice. More of the same old same old with work for me. I have to get back to work but I'll talk to you later. Peace.

    Been good man, trying to check in this and htgth before my schedule gets too kray.

    Hey Fernando, Thanks so much for taking the time to come on here. It's been great and fascinating to hear your insights. I just have a question- Has Axl given any thought to writing more songs of him with just solo piano or acoustic guitar accompaniment -similar to November Rain piano demo and Patience, Don't cry type songs? He really would suit developing more soft acoustic songs as his baritone voice sounded fantastic in recent concerts in last few years. I see him a bit similar to Janis Joplin -she could belt out hard rock songs like Axl and then she could display her sensitive side in songs like Bobby Mcgee and Sunday morning coming down. I know Axl said that Janis was an influence on him last time he was on here. Maybe he could think about including/writing more these type of songs in future albums or upcoming concerts. He would blow people away on a different level. Thanks!

    Hey guys, sorry - just busy. There are some questions in which are way too personal. Anything I say, will eventually find its way elsewhere and not in the mood to deal with other online sources. I will catch up on the questions and posts a bit later.

    Axl is not my brother, but that doesn't mean I love him any less than I do my actual brother. Axl holds a special place in mine / our lives.

    Shit man, I relate with you guys; sometimes he pisses me off as well!!!! :lol:

    Hey Fernando, Thanks so much for taking the time to come on here. It's been great and fascinating to hear your insights. I just have a question- Has Axl given any thought to writing more songs of him with just solo piano or acoustic guitar accompaniment -similar to November Rain piano demo and Patience, Don't cry type songs? He really would suit developing more soft acoustic songs as his baritone voice sounded fantastic in recent concerts in last few years. I see him a bit similar to Janis Joplin -she could belt out hard rock songs like Axl and then she could display her sensitive side in songs like Bobby Mcgee and Sunday morning coming down. I know Axl said that Janis was an influence on him last time he was on here. Maybe he could think about including/writing more these type of songs in future albums or upcoming concerts. He would blow people away on a different level. Thanks!

  13. I still can't believe that DJ and Ron left the band. I know DJ wasn't a great guitar player but he is a solid performer, loyal to Axl and was keen to get new music to the fans. Ron was also a good musician. Love Axl but it's beyond ridiculous to have a band for years touring and to never record or write with them. How does he even know if collaborations would've worked or not with the guys as Ron has said several times that this current band never even went into the studio or wrote together! What is Axl playing at that he didn't even consider trying to work as a band on a record? i know there's been problems over the years out of Axl's control like with the record company and lawsuits halting things but he is a big part of the problem now as to why this band has turned into just a touring hired hands thing. There's no reason this last year why he couldn't have been recording so of course the members are leaving. Great singer and performer but his behaviour is just plain disturibing and I don't like the way he keeps the members in the dark. Dj and Ron leaving shows that there is something seiously wrong with Axl.

  14. They left because this band is dead.

    What new studio album are you talking about ?

    Remember Ashba and Fortus were very proud to announce they recorded 3 albums worth of material, and now Ashba is leaving, just like that. If he was so proud to release stuff with GNR than he wouldn't just leave now. Nonsense. OR maybe the 3 albums story was just bullshit, or won't happen, or whatever.

    But you just don't go before a so called 'anticipated release'. Who does such a thing ? Someone who knows there are no plans for the next few years and he's basicaly wasting his fn time.

    No wonder Ashba and BBF moved on. GNR is a career killer. Look at Tommy Stinson. 17 years in nugnr, what did he do ?

    Such a waste of talent for someone who used to release and play so much stuff with the Replacements.

    Remember Dizzy. 25 years with Axl. The guy is 52 and spent half his life working for GNR. And still, he doesn't even know shit what is going on in this "band".

    I agree. Someone also mentioned that the musicians who left are highly motivated to release new music. Axl has lost great musicans and peformers due to his decision not to release music.

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