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  1. Me and my 2 buddies will be there in the GA section. Any pre parties going on?
  2. I got my GnR metlife shirt today too. It was not the one sold at the venue. The one at the venue had a GnR logo on front in the shape of the NFL logo with the picture on the back. The one I received from the online tour truck came with just the picture on the front and nothing on the back. Its a Gilden soft T that is going to shrink like crazy after the 1st wash. Just a heads up to those thinkimg of using the online store.
  3. I would love a Use Your Illusion 3 with unreleased GnR tunes with a sweet box set.
  4. I dunno I kindda dig it. I enjoyed it live and it does pack a punch when listening to it in the car. I'll take any "new" music so my bar is pretty low.
  5. I got my notification that my Metlife shirt will be here on 8/16, ill let you know about the quality. On another note, to say I was so disappointed in the VIP bag would be the understatement of the year. I can't believe what they handed me, I thought it was a joke. A clear bag, a pin and a cardboard poster for 250 bucks. Early entrance my dick, the line was longer then the other line to get in. I really thought we were gunna get something cool based off of the 2016 GnR haedcover book they gave out.
  6. I dunno I think it rocks. Live its fucking awesome. I had a blast singing it last night all hammered lmao.
  7. Went to about 6 different merch shops at Metlife and couldn't get a litho or a city specific t shirt. I had to order my T shirt online.
  8. My 2 favorite things, GnR and the NY Giants. Hopefully I get a litho.
  9. Yeah, they were 500 a peice after fees it was a little more then 550 for the early entry Patience VIP package.
  10. We payed $550 for the patience VIP package for a pit ticket and the VIP bag.
  11. This better not be all that is in it
  12. Im going to Metlife and got the VIP package. It says it comes with a VIP tour bag. Anyone know whats in it? Can I get it from will call and bring it back to my car? Hopefully its not the same VIP book that came with the 2016 package as I already have that.
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