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  1. Beggars And Hangers On, is up there for me. His slide playing is massively underrated and underused. Technically I've always found the main intro/verse riff "Locomotive" as one of the more difficult to execute.
  2. I was trying to think of a way of describing how his voice makes me feel and you more or less hit the nail on the head for me👍
  3. Doesn't mean he doesn't prepare his voice adequately (warm up/cool down). With how he sings it's probably wise he doesn't rehearse/soundcheck with the band all the time anyway, else risk blowing his voice out. And from video footage we do see that he soundchecks/rehearses with them at least on some occasions. People just need to realize he's older and there with that the performances are going to blow hot and cold, plus he's always had a voice that took a period of time get better during the course of touring. From actual first hand accounts I think in recent years he does the best he can in managing it for the most part.
  4. Out of curiosity where has it been stated definitively that he doesn't look after his voice in the run up to or during a tour? All the direct sources (i.e. Duff, members of the touring entourage) have stated that he puts huge effort into this. Seems to me like the lack of effort or care is a bit of a myth.
  5. Slash just didn't rate him as a guitar player plus he had a crappy attitude when he was brought into the band in 95. (slash's book)
  6. to quote Dr Malcom: "That is one big pile of shit"
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