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  1. It's funny right now you have people (NPCs) celebrating Biden as a "return to normalcy" and a win for "love and peace". Biden, the Vice president who killed Gaddafi, armed and trained Syrian rebels who went on to create ISIS, tried to invade Syria, supported the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, involved in numerous scandals related to mass spying on the American people by American intelligence agencies, oversaw the foundation of BLM and mass unrest in democratic held cities. This country is unredeemable.
  2. It's clear Brian Johnson or the Young brothers couldn't come up with lyrics as good as those on Back In Black. Everytime Brian talks about Shoot To Thrill or Hells Bells, he always says he wrote them on the spot, to come up with those lyrics only one month after Bon's passing is miraculous to say the least. To say Brian wrote You Shook Me All Night Long because of the fast machine and motor clean lyrics is a lousy argument. Bon's lyrics were already finished before recordings. It makes sense they took his lyrics and made some arrangements. If someone want to dispute this, show me in the B
  3. My top ten (no singles included) : Borrowed Time The Razors Edge Mistress For Christmas Shot Of Love Boogie Man Burnin' Alive Meltdown Can't Stand Still Rock N' Roll Dream Money Made
  4. I'm not quite sure, does it make sense? It's definitely more subtle that those ones. The lyrics were way more crude and clunky after Back In Black and Bon's passing.
  5. I still wonder what message Axl tried to convey with "Pussy full of maggots, isn't that absurd" also why would he say "Listen motherfuckers to this song that should be heard" when the song clearly didn't make the cut in the last album?
  6. I'm amazed that a twenty years old song (and a very bad one) has generated so much discussion.
  7. Both songs sound great. Well done! But where's the album?
  8. I like Realize Rejection Mists Of Time and Witchs Spell. I think Demon Fire is too weak to be the second single. Realize has that Thunderstruck vibe and nostalgia that I like. I've been listening a lot to Realize and Mists of Time, the backing vocals are very well done, they sound evil but very hooky like those on the Razors Edge album. Those breathing backing vocals on Mists of Time in particular are fantastic. Wild Reputation is very similar to Got Some RnR Thunder I like it. No Man's Land has that Money Made vibe too, the riffs are great.
  9. Just in case.. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/10/17/politics/bush-v-gore-barrett-kavanaugh-roberts-supreme-court/index.html
  10. I liked Black Ice because the band step outside their comfort zone and the songs were quite serious (Dream, Money Made, War Machine, Stormy May Day, Black Ice) and I thought Rock Or Bust was too corny and it felt unfinished. Ok I've listened to the album entirely, couldn't help myself.
  11. I barely never listen to the albums I love on repeat, once a year that's how I appreciate them. Otherwise I'd grow sick of them.
  12. Must be boring to listen to the same five albums on repeat for many years . . I'd probably pick music I don't know. A Dylan album, a classical album, a jazz album etc. Or many Greatest Hits as I can. If I had to pick five classic rock albums, I might choose Led Zep II, Danzig II, Bat Out of Hell, 1984, Let There Be Rock.
  13. The album leaked. I had to stop on the first track, Realize, because it's so amazing. Strong 80s feels. It should have been the lead single right away. SITD is boring compared to it.
  14. Joe Biden’s biggest crowd of the season
  15. Hunter Biden is under DOJ/FBI investigation for money laundering since 2019. Not looking good Biden bros...
  16. "It's a historic number...Donald Trump is going to be able to run around and say the economy grew at a record rate the highest rate ever. Period end of sentence."
  17. A draw. Biden proved last night he's incapable of being POTUS, he's probably the weakest candidate we've seen in a long time. He'll lock down the entire country, raise taxes, and destroy the U.S. energy industry, he ran off to the extreme left.
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