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  1. 21 minutes ago, Kranich said:

    Thats where both of the greatest lyricist of all time stepped in. The poetical value of the lyrics rose drastically when Young brothers started writing them. 

    *ekhem* Let's play ball ...

    It's clear Brian Johnson or the Young brothers couldn't come up with lyrics as good as those on Back In Black. Everytime Brian talks about Shoot To Thrill or Hells Bells, he always says he wrote them on the spot, to come up with those lyrics only one month after Bon's passing is miraculous to say the least. To say Brian wrote You Shook Me All Night Long because of the fast machine and motor clean lyrics is a lousy argument. Bon's lyrics were already finished before recordings. It makes sense they took his lyrics and made some arrangements.

    If someone want to dispute this, show me in the Brian Johnson era any album that is consistently as good as Back In Black. Bon Scott knew how to write songs, he took the band to the next level and he never got credit for this album (or FTATR or TS).

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  2. On 11/6/2020 at 3:26 AM, Sosso said:

    The best tracks between FOTS and ROB (in my opinion) 

    1. Fly on the Wall
    2. Sink the Pink 
    3. Who Made Who
    4. Heatseaker
    5. That's the Way I Wanna Rock N' Roll
    6. Nick of Time 
    7. Thunderstruck 
    8. Fire Your Guns 
    9. The Razors Edge
    10. Hard As A Rock 
    11. Hail Ceasar
    12. Stiff Upper Lip
    13. Satellite Blues
    14. Safe in New York City 
    15. Rock N' Roll Train 
    16. War Machine 
    17. Stormy May Day 

    My top ten (no singles included) :

    1. Borrowed Time
    2. The Razors Edge
    3. Mistress For Christmas
    4. Shot Of Love
    5. Boogie Man
    6. Burnin' Alive
    7. Meltdown
    8. Can't Stand Still 
    9. Rock N' Roll Dream
    10. Money Made
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  3. On 11/2/2020 at 11:54 PM, Ant said:

    I agree with the FTATR comparison. That's where my mind went, especially just the sound of it, and I don't say that in a negative sense (a lot of people don't seem to like that album). Big Mutt Lange-esque production. I also agree it's frontloaded. Brian sounds awesome. 



    Demon's Fire

    Through The Mists of Time

    Shot In The Dark

    Wild Reputation


    ... are the one's I'd spin regularly. Witch's Spell coulda been on FTATR for sure.  Couple too many familiar mid-tempo's (Wild Reputation works for me)... but songs like Systems Down and Code Red are awesome in the verses and guitar work, I just don't like the choruses.

    I like the backup vocals when it's done like Dogs of War on RoB (or even Miss Adventure) more so than Kick You When You're Down or No Man's Land (too tinkered with in the studio). 

    I like Realize Rejection Mists Of Time and Witchs Spell. I think Demon Fire is too weak to be the second single. Realize has that Thunderstruck vibe and nostalgia that I like. I've been listening a lot to Realize and Mists of Time, the backing vocals are very well done, they sound evil but very hooky like those on the Razors Edge album.  Those breathing backing vocals on Mists of Time in particular are fantastic. Wild Reputation is very similar to Got Some RnR Thunder I like it. No Man's Land has that Money Made vibe too, the riffs are great.

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  4. I liked Black Ice because the band step outside their comfort zone and the songs were quite serious (Dream, Money Made, War Machine, Stormy May Day, Black Ice) and I thought Rock Or Bust was too corny and it felt unfinished.

    Ok I've listened to the album entirely, couldn't help myself. 


    This album sounds like For Those About To Rock and Fly On The Wall and Black Ice. The first half of the album is amazing, Realize and Rejection are instant classics to me. They're very strong. A bit of Down Of The Bordeline and a bit of the Bon Scott era. Mists of Time is almost a power ballad but I like it very much in the same vein of Anything Goes and Rock The Blues Away. The second half is strong but that's where the AC/DC formula starts to bore me a little bit. I think Systems Down is the strongest of the bunch. Overall I'm so happy, this album is certainly a grower. The band sound like they will never stop. Brian sounds amazing! Backing vocals are off the hook!


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  5. 17 hours ago, YouCouldBeMine_2029 said:

    What 5 Albums would you Bring to a ''Desert Island'' for 1, 2 or 5 Years

    Must be boring to listen to the same five albums on repeat for many years . .

    I'd probably pick music I don't know. A Dylan album, a classical album, a jazz album etc. Or many Greatest Hits as I can. 

    If I had to pick five classic rock albums, I might choose Led Zep II, Danzig II, Bat Out of Hell, 1984, Let There Be Rock.

  6. 19 hours ago, GNRfanMILO said:

    Considering that AC/DC's newest single got 2 million views in one day, how many do you think Gn'R would get if they were to release a new album? Less? Or more?

    Axl and Slash's first song in almost 30 years would get a lot of views for sure, but is it really something the general public cares about in 2020? IIRC, Shadow's video (the closest thing to a new song being released) got 600.000 views in it's first day, which is not too much.

    They should've released it in 2016, when they announced the reunion. That year Gn'R felt like they actually were that huge band again, everyone was talking about them. A new single on top of that would've destroyed every chart. Nowadays, I honestly don't know.

    2016 was the year, they missed the mark. I genuinely don't care about a new single or album anymore, the magic is gone unless they get their mojo back like in 2016 or change the lineup.

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  7. I'd rank Shot in the Dark behind Rock or Bust and maybe Play Ball.

    Mostly the production is a big issue for me.  The guitars are struggling to breath somewhere, the production is too big and manufactured and it sounds a bit flat as a consequence. Rock or Bust had the same issue.

    I think they knocked it out of the park with Black Ice and the production was very clean and you can hear the guitars so clearly it sounds awesome up LOUD.


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  8. On 9/19/2020 at 7:58 PM, MrSpaghetti said:

     I was listening to some performances from 2011 and found myself amazed with Axl's vocals in Riff Raff, Axl sounded amazing in this performance, should I say he sounded even better than he did in 2010, focusing more in the voice quality over the raspy's strength.

     From the last concerts of 2010 onwards he focused on his clean "mickey mouse" voice, but when he wanted to pull some raspy he did it incredibly well.


    Please recommend me some RASPY performances from 2011-2014.

    From memory...

    Chile 2011, the Forum 2011 (there's a proshot), NY Hiro Ballroom 2012 (few proshots), House of Blues in LA 2012 (Dead Flowers, Mama Kin on the setlist), Vegas Residency 2012 early shows, Bethlehem 2014, Vegas Residency 2014 the last two shows (unbelievable great). The US 2011 tour and the Europe 2012 tour were fairly decent overall. 2013 wasn't particularly a great year.

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