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  1. Witnesses vote failed, Trump soon to be acquitted.
  2. Yet you fall into the false narrative that Rogan is an alt-right figure propagating as a smear against your candidate.
  3. Because any endorsement like this is a real problem for the democrats and the mainstream media, they don't want Bernie. They're mad because Joe Rogan is massively popular, more people listen to his podcast than all CNN hosts combined together. The narrative that Joe Rogan is an alt-right nazi is out of touch and the outrage is fake.
  4. When you say things like this it makes you look very uninformed and close minded.
  5. I think Sharon is crazy, Ozzy shouldn't go on the road.
  6. Welcome To The Jungle Sweet Child O' Mine Paradise City You Could Be Mine Don't Cry Better Rocket Queen Think About You Patience Catcher In The Rye November Rain Estranged This I Love Civil War Yesterdays
  7. Alex Jones is cruising the streets in an armored truck right now.
  8. I saw it. The good thing is that most of the people see through it and they are the ones whose votes matter. It's also true to mention the uninformed public, especially some of the CNN viewers, but they are a lost cause. Anyway, the way I see it is that the oligarchs of the democrat party will never let Bernie get the nomination. Period. Bloomberg is committed to spend a billion dollars to influence the 2020 election, to get dems into republicans seats, to get Trump out of office, that type of money will never be spent to support Bernie and his policies. That's why Bernie must start hamme
  9. The system is rigged against Bernie, until he adresses it he cannot win the nomination.
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