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  1. 2 minutes ago, LA_0013 said:

    Man, I hate to moan but this kinda makes me uncomfortable listening to this.

    Frustrating that Tyler and Daltrey can still come out with their A game, but with Axl it's always the shitty YouTube feeds, technical difficulties, shit mix etc etc. 

    I can't recall the last stellar ProShot performance that went out to the globe

    2006 Rock Am Ring

  2. 5 minutes ago, RNRS said:

    Buying tickets for shows in South America is a bitch. They're a bit behind the times there. About 15 years, I reckon. It also doesn't help how no one iin the tourist or ticket industry speaks any English.

    Only 5% of the brazilian population speaks english. I tried to buy tickets from CVC on their brand site, and the entire process was such a mess that i ended up making three purchases, even though their system told me that none of these were actually completed. I had to go to the physical store, so i get what you meant.

  3. 6 hours ago, ChristmasFnatic said:

    Philippines. In FB, many are complaining their cards are getting rejected- from Sweden, London, etc.. And I ordered stuffs from around the world, even bought from TicketMaster Spain and France.

    Oh, than it must be a problem in the payment gateway. I asked where you were from, because chinese credit cards are more prone to be rejected, as they are frequently involved in fraud causes.


  4. 1 hour ago, ChristmasFnatic said:

    THANKS! But sadly, was about to book, RHCP day is sold out there(its sold out but GN'R, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi aint?)... and though Im not into RHCP, my gf will go with me as long as we go to RHCP too(shes a big fan). I feel bad bringing her to my favorite bands but not hers. Ugh. 

    CVC is still selling tickets for 24/9


    They have a really good reputation here in Brazil.

    On 07/04/2017 at 3:35 AM, ChristmasFnatic said:

    So stupid. They kept denying credit card from my country, mine and my sister's. And yes, soon after- sold out.

    Out of curiosity, can you tell from where you are? Maybe you should try PayPal or Billet?

  5. 4 hours ago, scooby845 said:

    How many times on this leg has it rained so far?

    If I recall correctly this is like 2nd time in Brazil that it rains and once in Chile or Argentina..

    That's because it's spring, almost summer, on south hemisphere. November, December and January are the months in which most of the rains of the year happen. June and July almost there isn't any rain for here.

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  6. 42 minutes ago, cqleonardo said:

    a brazilian journalist tweeted, he is known here in brazil because he is the first one always to say who is coming to south america to do concerts

    This guy has a rock solid reputation for talking 'bout new tours, new albums, and anything related to rock music in general, he posted about the SA Tour leg way before it's announcement. If he says, it is probably true.

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  7. If you dont expect nothing since 1996, then

    why are you here motherfucker??? This is not

    real GNR and its not jibrish its spanish fuckhead

    Oh you tit. Never said I didn't expect anything from Gn'R, I just don't condition it like a cunt. YOU BETTER BLAH BLAH BLAH OR ELSE! Like a fuckin' child. I expect Axl to tour more and to release at least the second half of Chinese, it's realistic imo and even if I didn't expect anything, I would still be here discussing what was once great.

    Call it what you want, I did say new Gn'R. You can't read very well, I can tell.

    Also: you were too stupid to notice I wrote: "jibrish (FOR ME AND ANYONE ELSE WHO DOESN'T SPEAK WHATEVER THE FUCK)" meaning spanish for you and yes, I knew it was spanish but I chose to say whatever the fuck cause I felt like it. Point is: you start with english, then switch to spanish in the middle of a sentence, and that's annoying cause it's jibrish to me. Hopefully that's clear enough even for a stupid fucker like you to understand.

    Very simple, you are in an english speaking forum, if you want to speak in spanish, portuguese, italian, what the heck; go find another place that has one of those languages as its main. The intruder is you my buddy.

  8. I realize English may not be your native language, I read the last sentence 3 times and I don't get what you mean?

    We know Axl calls all the shots in the band but where is any evidence that ron is jealous of ashba? is this coming direct from beta?

    I think he meant to say that the fact that Ashba is more popular than BBF would be a reasonable situation for BBF having jealous. Also, from time to time, the GNR's management is creating conflicts with Ron.

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