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  1. Didn't realise I've been a member of the forum for over a decade.

    1. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      So it's time for a new name, ChineseDemocracyII2014

  2. "If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you."

  3. Sundays are an excuse to do nothing, i've just been watching television and listening to Blue Oyster Cult...so not bad really :P

    Here's hoping the week ahead isn't boring for you.

  4. I'm sure you'll have done fine! I'm having no luck right now but something's bound to happen sooner or later. Had a good day have you?

  5. How'd the studying go?

  6. I'm sure you'll do fine, best of luck!

  7. My mistake, congrats on being off the market!...had a good day have you?

  8. I'm proud to be english, how was the market?

  9. I wish i could say the same about England, i don't go out much but the view from my house is just...wonderful. I'm sure many a Romanian gentleman are after your hand, that's supposed to be a compliment...not sure if it looks that way.

  10. Glad you think so, what's Romania like?

  11. I'm from merry old England. I've been jobhunting, still no luck unfortunatley; played a little Mario Kart as well.

  12. That's cool, i've never spoken to a Romanian before. Had a good day have you?

  13. What's your first language? You can chat to me about whatever you like, i don't mind. Have a goodnight now.

  14. That's grand, what exam did you do? i didn't enjoy exams either...so much stress. I've been jobhunting and watching films, what about you?

  15. Good evening to you, had a good day?

  16. Greetings.

    Things are going ok for me thanks.

    Hope everything is going well for you too.

    Have a nice day

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