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  1. Yeah as I said, there can be a million reasons why they would want to perform something certain way, we simply don't know. Even though it's fun to speculate! I'm glad that he's on both Absurd and HS though. Would be a shame if they didn't utilize two guitar players in studio and just let Slash play everything.
  2. I mean, why has Axl sampled his hiyaaaahs during Absurd? He could easily sing them live if he wanted, so who knows. Maybe it's more convenient to go straight to the main riff, or he doesn't have a kill switch on the guitar he wants to use?
  3. We need to go deeper. What if Slash's album is not really Slash's album and it's actually a new Guns record And come February they'll start touring as SMKC with Axl wearing a Myles Kennedy wig
  4. Okay, can we now rename this thread to "Universal database implies new album is coming because the numbers between Hard Skool and Absurd are missing"? I'm only half kidding, a new hope needs a new name
  5. To tease everybody for the next three years until they finally play it
  6. I think parts of OMG lyrics are in the visuals for YCBM, it's been that way since the beginning of this tour.
  7. I think the crowd cheered the moment he said 'lower education' By the way what were those graphics, it looked like a PS2 videogame wtf
  8. Now for some GNR math: How many Hardskools can you fit into one Rocket Queen?
  9. The Hard Skool Spray Tour Tee features exclusive artwork celebrating the new Guns N' Roses single Hard Skool Spray. Yes, I know skool is hard and all, but c'mon!
  10. I get that the vinyl is gonna be delayed to next year, but why ship the CD and cassette in February? Are those plants backlogged too? And the other merch is coming November 12th... which is coincidentally a Friday... *reaches for some tinfoil*
  11. So Hard Skool has official merch now? And I'm sitting here still waiting for that Absurd medusa tee
  12. I'd bet OMG has been reworked too, didn't they soundcheck a slightly different version in like 2012 or something? And Axl always said the 1999 release was basically still a demo. Maybe they were planning for OMG to be the first reunion single way back in 2018 when it appeared on the setlist, and then decided for HS once the Village leak happened. Who knows? But I fully expect reworked OMG to appear on any future full length release.
  13. I think they could easily fit HS into KOHD NOW GIMME SOME HARD SKEEEWL!!! *school bell rings*
  14. Coma could probably replace the first verse of KOHD at most
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