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  1. I heard someone on here say you don’t ask enough GNR rebated questions, but there is always cool and unusual bits of information from these podcasts. If you compiled all the cool and unheard information you have gleamed from your guests about GNR I would more than say you’re doing great adding to the repository of GNR knowledge.
  2. I haven’t seen a gem mint Columbus as of yet because of the fragility of the darker areas of the new lithos. But, I think the change was needed and appreciated by me. I believe this leg is consistently better than 2016 US lithos.
  3. I agree with all your points. This is the best leg for US lithos so far. And the colors are beautiful. I’m really looking forward to Europe.
  4. The F’N was kinda lame. It was in most of the lithos. Made them tacky.
  5. Come on man. I get Axl had a poor performance, but a cover band Axl is never going to be better than actual Axl.
  6. I assume he was still exploring his range and expression as an artist.
  7. Wow. That’s unexpected but awesome, I love Josh and PJ.
  8. It’s looks good in person. Where are you on the floor?
  9. You knew it was me. You could have reached out to me. Your response was over the top. And after the warpig thing I still went out of my way to get you a Dallas litho. At the very least you could have heard me out. PM me and I’ll give you my info and you can change it. I don’t know how to.
  10. These are member berries.” Member when GNR were dangerous”
  11. Upon further reflection, and Riki’s insatiable desire to lord over the GNR lithos as if it’s his own personal fiefdom I’ve decided to change it. WarpigLithor@ti. Has a nice ring to it. It’s my sincere hope that this change in eBay handle will prevent any confusion for the consumer.
  12. Does anybody know who the 3 guys behind Frank are? They just sit in folded chairs. One was in his phone for most of the show.
  13. Marc over played his hand awhile back during the release of Reckless road. He should have either released it in 1990 or during the locked and loaded set.
  14. Can you explain to a lay person What a Drop in tempo does for the songs? I noticed Jungle was slower. I’ve never seen Axl so smile much as I did last night.
  15. Take Fuel, Memory Remains, Unforgiven 2, from reload and replace Ronnie, Thorn within, and Cure from load and you have one of the best Metallica albums period.
  16. I have to assume this was a huge mistake by whomever coordinated the jerseys. Duff is 12 because of Seattle’s 12th man thing. 12 was even on a Bass he was gifted recently. Somebody fucked up with the information they were given.
  17. I just saw this too. It has to be tonight now. I always thought the “K” in hardskool was just for the set list. I guess it’s GNR’s thing now to tweak the letters
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