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  1. Getting on my tits this Covid carry on now.
  2. Boris is a tit.... but he's my tit.
  3. Are movies really that sacred though? The Thing The Fly Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Scarface Heat Ocean's Eleven... ...off the top of my head Remakes CAN in many instances far surpass the originals. It's true that there have been a lot of pointless remakes and some films are such classics, there's no reason to touch them at all but it's like saying a cover version of a song can't improve on the original. I don't believe that's the case either.
  4. To elaborate slightly, I would love to see The Running Man done closer to the original Stephen King book, the 1987 movie was only loosely based on the source material. I think it would also benefit from a much larger budget and a more skilled director at the helm. Love the Arnie version for what it is, I just want to see someone have another crack at it. Flash is long overdue an update.
  5. Flash Gordon The Running Man Both of my picks are rumoured to be in development. Post your dream remakes here...
  6. Dominic Grieve just been on radio airing his Grieve-ances.... David Gauke the other day. It's the usual suspects popping up time and time again isn't it? *sigh* I've almost got a full house in Remoaner bingo.
  7. Teaming up yet again. What is it with these two? More comebacks than Frank Sinatra. Vomit inducing.
  8. Loved indulging in a bit of toe sucking whilst proudly wearing his full Chelsea kit, by all accounts, Mellor gave a masterclass in textbook Tory tomfoolery, despite an appalling toad/humanoid appearance. A Hall of Famer.
  9. It seems to be something akin to Stockholm Syndrome. These people are completely in thrall to the EU. Absolute weirdos.
  10. You can certainly argue whether it can be classed as a hit but it's an abomination that the band's Magnum Opus isn't included, yet 'Ain't It Fun' and 'Sympathy' are. Although both were singles, or 'hits', they add very little to GN'R's legacy.
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