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  1. On the same day that SAFC announce a takeover as well. It's a Christmas miracle!
  2. Feels like a good day for fearless, history-shaping Brexiteers. Take a bow each and every one of.... oh.... just me? Good luck to the Remoaners too, they finally get to dry their eyes as well as their soaking wet fannies. Time to crack open a bottle of the good stuff. Merry Christmas to one and all.
  3. Good to hear the singer isn't doing the Robert Plant imitation thing anymore, there may be hope for them yet.
  4. When I was growing up in the 80's, the brothers Gibb were always portrayed as a bit of a joke, a bit naff, the whole 70's disco image with the hair, flares and teeth etc. It was only when I really delved into their body of work later on, as I got older, that I realised just how good their songcraft truly is. Their catalogue of hits is incredible and as essential as The Beatles.
  5. Will wear a fake chest wig and ridiculously tight, white flares while watching, in tribute.
  6. Boris and von der Lederhosen announce they're going to keep talking. Tedious.
  7. Marvellous.... wonder what the frog thinks about that?
  8. Thoughts are with the Remoaners at this difficult time. Definitely need to change their knickers.
  9. She's spectacular isn't she? Look out for the new Bond movie next year.
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