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  1. Pretty tied up or Think About You. Been listening to Bad Apples a lot recently. But please no more covers. It's enough, man.
  2. Added, guys. Feel free to suggest artists so we can get this thing going.
  3. Hey guys! I've just created a Playlist on Spotify called ''We Unsigned'' dedicated to unsigned/independent artists around the world. If you have a song on Spotify or know some cool band, relative or something, please feel free to share here and it will be added to the playlist. We Unsigned Playlist
  4. Really? History repeating itself couldn't be more accurate. I'm mean, I just feel sorry for Noah. He's just a kid.
  5. New song: ''Pistoleiro Dimas''. Just to get you guys into perspective: This song is about a kind of a legend that tells a story of a man who turns into a killer, a hitman, to provide for his family. It consistantly happens accross northeast Brazil especially. Not in this romantic scene though. Hope you enjoy it.
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