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Anti-police songs


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So my mate is entering (well hoping to) the police force and as a bit of a joke, for his birthday, I wanted to make a comp cd of a load of anti-cop songs (well you know, anti-police-corruption songs) can anyone help me out a bit? Don't worry, I've known him for years, he'll take it well. Either that or beat me up when he gets a black stick but no worries. My mind is kind of at a blank, can anyone help out?

N.W.A - Fuck the Police (of course)

The Dead Kennedys - Police Truck

Body Count - Copkiller

The Dickies - Hate the Police (Or Mudhoney's version)

Was thinking that theres probably loads of songs by The Coup and MDC but I'm not familiar enough with those groups to know which tracks in particular.

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I Fought The Law....Bobby Fuller Four

(no...it's not a Clash song...they just covered it)

there's some CD that has Vince Neil doing that song with The Crickets. yes, The Crickets of Buddy Holly fame. i heard it once online and it sounded really good. his voice fits the song well.

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i think most of these can be considered anti police :unsure:

Cheap Trick- Dream Police

Uk Subs - New York State Police

Mudhoney - Hate The Police

Billie Holiday -Small Town Cops

U.K. Subs -Killer Cops

Edgar Winter -Keystone Cops

Joe Perry -T. V. Police

The Clash -On The Police

Thin Lizzy -Call The Police

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