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Meg White sex tape

Estranged Reality

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Porn is made for 12-year-olds. They may not say that, but it is. That was a vital part of growing up for me. I was a regular viewer of porn at age 12.

But I agree with the rules, not disputing them. It's easy enough to find porn on the 'net... Half the time I find it by accident when doing a google image search of a completely unrelated topic... don't need to make it any easier. Plus, when you're 12, half the thrill is in the hunt...

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I'd post a link and/or screenshots but obviously it's against the rules.

Seems legit.

I haven't watched it - Meg White isn't exactly my idea of a sex tape fantasy - but it's still interesting enough for discussion.

PM me the link. I have to check that out. Thanks.

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come oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon, you know you'd check it out :lol:

I juust did :rolleyes:

And I don't know what you lot are complaining about. she is hot and you all know it. Unless corpeses turn you on there is nothing wrong with her.

I'm not complainin' she is a hottie! :wub:

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